Dino Costi: Venus Lionheart: The Witch And The God

Happy Friday afternoon lovely readers of mylittlebookblog; this review comes from a very content and happy reviewer. I’ve been looking through my inobx which is my only real resolution for this year and there are so many different books that I cannot wait to share with you over the next coming weeks. In terms of sorting out mylittlebookblog2014@gmail.com it’s a work in progress, but it will get there I promise. Today I have a wonderful adventure book for you, that I am very excited to share; enjoy!

Harry Potter meets The Da Vinci Code in a controversial and unforgettable fantasy adventure. Venus Lionheart always knew that she was a little out of the ordinary. After all, not every 12 year old has psychic visions and bizarre out-of-body experiences. But when the mysterious Galahad turns up on the last day of school and suggests that she may actually be a living, breathing witch, things soon take a turn for the worse. Hunted by the deadly Grey Men, Venus must flee her sleepy town and make a perilous journey across the country to escape her fiercest enemy – the one who calls himself the Son of God. With only her loyal friends and her crude magic to help her, Venus has to fight to stay alive . . . and save the world as we know it.

So before I start, I’m not a huge fantasy genre fan. I’m not sure why but it’s a genre that has never fully captured me if I’m completely honest. However I am always try to find books of the fantasy genre that I do love; I’m always looking for the next series that can capture my imagination in the same way my favourite fantasy/adventure Harry Potter did. This book follows the rather sweet and utterly lovely Venus Lionheart; what a name eh! She is both a twelve year old and also the female protagonist of our adventure. Sweet minded and an adorable character she finds out that she is in fact a witch and that the daydreams she has been experiencing are in fact wild visions. She’s in danger and must escape the sleepy town of Shropshire and save the world.

Goodness gracious, could I have done that at twelve, god no. But Venus Lionheart is both a strong and enchanting character. From the very first chapter I fell completely for her delightfully loveable nature. Twelve year Lizzy was constantly daydreaming, with her head in the clouds and so I feel an emotional pull to my childhood self. I absolutely adored following her journey, the growth of her character and her relationships growing within other characters. The premise is well written and the story has a sense of direction from the beginning. It moves with pace and conviction but it also has a childlike quality about the writing which is needed to allow the target audience to connect to the writing style and therefore the book as a whole.The secondary characters are just as well written and they are great additions to the story and I really enjoyed the constant power battle between Eric and Sebastian. Galahas is a wonderful character also; brave, loyal and good he was a favourite of mine.

What is also really interesting is this is ultimately a religious/fantasy/adventure book and whenever religion is brought in and evolved and played with I sit up a little straighter. Here the author Dino really plays with the good vs evil and the way that magic and religion are connected. Sometimes there is a worry when mixing mystical imaginations and religious messages but here it is handled with care and understanding. It is also written in such a way that young teens would really enjoy it. It never becomes too much but instead hovers perfectly to captivate their attention and make it incredibly exciting.

In terms of negatives the Grey Men and the Son of God are not as explored as much as the primary characters. Although this does work in that they are so unknown you’re not quite sure what they are capable I would have like a little more exploration of them as characters. Although I did like that their fear is ultimately everything that Venus represents in the world that being the ever changing world and their lose of power seen through the lose in interest in religion as a whole.

Overall this is a great book for young adults to get their teeth stuck into. The story and the direction is really age appropriate for the audience and I found myself really enjoying it. I can see this as being a book that I would read my children (if I had any) to get them into reading and enjoying different genres. Venus is an utterly wonderful character who I cannot wait to read more about; hats off!


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