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Good evening from a very sorry little blogger, I kind of got very swept up in the christmas spirit and travelling home and then there were the relentless visits from family and the trips out to visit friends and so mylittlebookblog has been a little neglected. However, I wanted to say Happy Christmas to all you lovely people out there. I know it’s late and I’m sorry hope you are all incredibly well and had a wonderfully festive time!

So a couple of days ago I ran a Q+A on mylittlebookblog for questions on anything about me as a blogger and there were some really good questions so here are my answers. Additionally, if you do have a book or a novella you would like me to review in 2015, feel free to give me an email, tweet, comment and we can sort something out!

1)       Have you read “The Hunger Games” trilogy? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

So the short easy answer is no, I haven’t read the Hunger Games. The reason why is significantly longer. I seem to have developed an allergy to books with a certain amount of ‘hype.’ You know the ones, The Fault In Our Stars, The Divergent series, The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games. I just put them off, and off saying, next book will be the time I start that series but I never get round to it. With THG, I just put it off and then one drizzly afternoon last year a friend came round and brought the first film with her. I absolutely loved it, but now I think do I read the book? So far I haven’t but maybe one day I’ll give it a read.

2)       How do you get out of a blogging slump/reading slump?

Oh no the dreaded book slump. They are a real annoyance and I cannot tell you how often they appear. I’m actually in a reading slump at the moment, I’ve been tired, grumpy, stressed and the book I am currently reading is dire which doesn’t help. My tips are: firstly stop reading whatever you’re reading and pick up something you know and love. My book slump book is ‘The Chocolate Run, by Dorothy Koomson. I know I’m going to enjoy it even if I’ve fallen out with books a little. Secondly change where you’re reading, I find that reading in the bath when I’ve been reading in bed or reading in the lounge really helps to clear the slump. Third tip, if I’m in a reading slump it’s normally because I’m putting something off that actually needs doing so maybe think whether it’s really a reading slump or just a symptom of something else. Finally, get cosy; For me getting into my pjs, turning on my fairy lights and getting snuggled up with Eeyore and a blanket really helps me relax and stop fighting the feeling of I don’t want to read (or blog!) Hope that helps!

3)       Who’s you favourite horror author? Well it would have to be Thomas Flowers right? I must admit that I don’t actually read a lot of horror books. Not only do I not get sent that many but I am a right wuss. Scary films, television shows, books are not my cup of tea shall we say. I used to love Tess Gerritsen but her books stopped me sleeping so I haven’t read anything in a while from her collection. Thomas you are a wonderful writer and your books still leave me a little nervous around old armchairs! If you want to find out why check out my reviews here and here!

4)      By following you, I know you like YA…as do I, as an adult. How do you pick what books to read?

This year I have really got into YA fiction. It all started when I read TFIOS which is this years go to YA book. After that I just did some research into authors that were similar and went from there. I like the whole angsty teen, mixed with an indie vibe so John Green and Rainbow Rowell. I keep an eye on twitter and bloggers who focus mainly on YA through the reader on wordpress and I talk to bloggers and ask them, what would you recommend?

5) What are your thoughts on Audiobooks? Do you like them? Listen to them? Hate them?

I do listen to audio books but i have a real love hate relationship with them mostly because if I’m listening I find I can’t do anything else and then I’d rather be reading them myself than listening. I also find I get more lost listening especially if there are lots of characters or lots of plotlines. However, autobiographies I think are wonderful to listen to because it’s them telling in the book so it works a lot better in a verbal form I think!

6 ) If you could only ever read one of the books on your bookshelves again, which one would it be?

What a question to ask! I think it would have to be, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, just because I can’t imagine not reading it again really but it pains me to pick one!

So there you go, a little bit from me, a big apology and a hope that you all had a spectacular christmas!

4 thoughts on “Q+A from Lizzy at mylittlebookblog

  1. Denise says:

    I’d add with audiobooks – sometimes audio novels can seem very oversimplistic, and then I’m not sure whether it is the fault of the author or the necessities of abridgement. You’re right, it’s difficult to do two things at the same time, although I have managed to listen at work while doing a very repetitive task.

  2. D K Powell says:

    Merry Christmas to you! I appreciated much of what you wrote here though i have to say I have exactly the opposite relationship with audio books! I’ve tripled the number of books I’ve got through over the last two years by using audio books. As a freelance writer I get to stay at home but that means i also get dumped with the housework! I can listen to a book while I wash up, do the ironing and exercise in my gym. Now even non-writing work counts as work (because we all know that writers need to be readers too – right? 😉 )!

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