101 things in 1001 days: See a band you haven’t seen before in concert

101 things in 1001 days

It’s quite fitting that this is my 600th post because I had such a wonderful evening being able to document this is lovely. I have been keeping up to date with my 101 tasks and here is another to check off the list. The original point I wrote on the list was to see a new band in concert but I meant a band I haven’t seen before, and this isn’t exactly a new band so I’ve re-worded it a little better. Embrace is a band that Anna introduced me too years back and my love for them has continued to be a constant in my life and I’ve even shown Mumma B their wonderful music. If you haven’t heard of them I definitely recommend Gravity, Ashes, or Nature’s Law to get a real feel of their music.

photo (6)

So on Wednesday my lovely friend Anna travelled up to Stoke-On-Trent and after numerous glasses of wine and plates of pizza, potato wedges and ketchup, we travelled to the Victoria Hall and purchased more wine, and then made our way into watch the show. Although the venue was a little empty we watched the warm up acts, NGOD and POLO and whilst sipping our wine we waited for the main event. Were, they good? They were absolutely wonderful! Although they released a new album earlier this year their old albums went down the best and we sang along at the top of our voices and swayed along with the rest of the audience. The place was pretty packed by this point and we had a wonderful time dancing along and jumping up and down. Four hours later we sauntered out and caught a cab home to my lovely snuggly warm terraced house and snuggled down for the night. Does it get any better?


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