Bit Players, Bird Girls and Fake Break-Ups: S.M Stevens

Good evening readers, this post comes from a little blogger who is feeling very sorry for herself. A late night party less me unable to move till around three in the afternoon yesterday and a late night last night has left me feeling a little tired but you know me battling through. I am super snuggled on the sofa with wine and chocolate and I cannot wait to bring you this review. I have already reviewed the first two in the series and this is the third and final instalment that I’m actually really sad about but for now onto the review.

Senior year is not going as planned. The drama club Sadie Perkins co-founded is being hijacked by the new director, college applications loom like a sinister unknown, and Sadie’s boyfriend Alex moves in with her family while his mother is in the hospital. That’s right, moves in. They eat every meal together, sleep across the hallway from each other, and share a bathroom. Can you say awkward? Making it worse, they have to pretend to be broken up, or Sadie’s old-fashioned parents won’t let Alex stay. Acting and real life blur as Sadie and Alex struggle to maintain their roles, so Alex doesn’t have to move in with out-of-state relatives. At least Sadie has theatre to keep her sane. She’s got a lead in Seussical, and satisfies her need to create with Whossical, a student-produced satire of the beloved Dr. Seuss-themed musical. If Sadie’s choosing and winning the roles she wants, why does she feel so out of control?

So, like the first two books the story revolves around the theatre theme; when I first started reading the books I wasn’t sure but I am actually really going to miss them. It allows for a constant mixing of storylines between both the actual characters and the way that they play the characters on the stage. I really like the way it allows the characters to have alter egos between their real personalities and the characters that they play. Throughout the books I have been more and more drawn into the relationships; Alex and Sadie have continued to grow throughout and the way that the author works with the two mixing and matching the problems they must go through, it just made me more desperate for them to succeed and to leave the end of the books happy (you’ll have to read the books to find out!) I must admit the author really goes for it in this book, like the books before there is a major production but there is also a soccer championship, the love continuing love story, and a life threatening disease! Could they really fit anymore in?! I must admit I was shocked the author managed to weave it all together but she does it with not only skill but also a delicate touch.

Throughout the series I have been amazed by the maturity the author has been able to put into the book. For me I was worried when reading I thought that it would all become a little YA, but instead because of the mature storylines it makes the book much more adult and allows the book to be read by a wider audience. I mean I really enjoyed all the books and will definitely be reading them again. There’s something kind of wonderful about YA fiction and I think if adults also truly enjoy them then it’s a big thumbs up to the author. The writing moves with pace as before and doesn’t bog down in the description. I would normally complain here but I think it works with the genre and the overall feel of the book so no complaints here. It is very obvious that the author really knows the subject that she is writing about it and it gives the book a really professional feel; as I’ve said before!

I thought in this book that Sadie really came to life in a way that I was hoping for. I don’t know how she does it but her interpretation of a growing teenager who is going through so much is wonderfully realised and created with maturity but also naivety. She manages to pair her burgeoning teenage mind with the creative theatre element that comes with being the main character in the book. I loved this piece of work; it is fresh, honest, new and creative. It works because it feels so real even though there is so much content. Once again hats of and jazz hands to this wonderful author.


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