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Hi readers, a slightly different post today but it comes from a serious starting point. Jonas Lee is a dear blogging and writing friend of mine and I’m currently reading and reviewing his book ‘A Time To Reap,’ so it came as a little bit of a surprise to see that Jonas had already written the sequel however money is tight and getting the book finished and published is a bit difficult so Jonas has set up a crowdfunding page to get the ball rolling! I wanted to help out as much as possible so I devised a little Q+A to let you see what the books are about and show you the page if you would like to help out a lovely and very talented author!

1) So give us a brief overview of the books?

A Time to Reap is the beginning story of Carter Gabel, a teenager living in a future where there is a rare genetic disease. His version of ailment causes him to spontaneously travel back in time. He has no control over his “leaps” and because of that, has to be prepared for anything. Carter attends a specialized school where kids afflicted by this illness are allowed to learn in an environment while trying to learn how to control their symptoms.

As Carter learns quickly, his disease has many more complications and potential once he stumbles across Mo. Mo is a girl in his class who has a varying form of genetic illness that allows her to use telepathy. When the two are together, their powers increase and likewise, so do their risks of finding trouble. They will soon learn that their school is not only there to help them, but research them. Things go from bad to horrible quickly as areas of Carter’s past come back to him and more twists unravel while searching for the truth.

The sequel, A Time to Live, takes place a year after the initial book. Carter and Mo are living on the northwest coast of a town called Temple Falls and trying to maintain a sedentary life not using their abilities. Before Carter succumbs to the madness of home-schooling and working as a barista, a new pair of characters enter the scene showing off powers Carter hasn’t seen and bringing him news about David who has been put into a coma. The terrorist group known as the Pirates are behind it and Carter and Mo find themselves back in Lincoln Square. In typical Carter fashion, things escalate from bad to horrible in no time and now Carter isn’t fighting for answers, he’s struggling to save a city from being destroyed and a country going to war.

2) Did you always know you would write a sequel to your first book or was it because you enjoyed writing the first so much?

When I first started writing A Time to Reap, I was honestly just trying to keep my brain occupied while providing a story to people following my blog. I had written another, much larger, book and was looking into representation. As the story progressed, I found it easier and easier to write. Pretty soon, I had over half of a book completed and decided to abandon my previous efforts and focus on this. About midway, I developed ideas and scenarios that would take this story out another two books. Like the subtitle states, the first book starts off in what will become the legend of Carter Gabel. The sequel goes further into the choices he makes and sets up a volley to prepare readers for the spike of what will conclude the series. But who knows? There may be other legends…

3) who’s your favourite character in the book?

It’s hard for me not to love Carter, coming from his perspective, we get to know his inner thoughts and mistakes a lot more than anyone. But I’d have to say Mo. She starts off a little quiet, but as her powers grow, we see this subtle confidence and playfulness emerge. She has a way about her that stuns Carter and her ability to hear into his thoughts has him stumbling over himself that I find hilarious.

In the new book… I’d have to go with Scarlett. She’s this little five-year old who completely has Carter enthralled. She’s like the little sister he never had and the interaction between the two of them is always a blast to write.

4) where did the idea of Crowdfunding come from?

Crowdfunding was a humble attempt to see if there was interest in people getting their hands on a copy of the next book sooner rather than later. In my opinion, nothing was going to stop another book from coming out. Alas, self-publishing and being the newest kid on the block leaves me in a sea of other authors. So sales, trickle in until the book catches fire. And with the second book complete, I just wanted to get that momentum happening now instead of next year.

5) What does the Crowdfunding ultimately go towards when publishing your second book?

Crowdfunding will go towards cover art, editing and formatting. If the full amount gets raised, I plan on it going towards the branding of the series, which rolls into the marketing aspects of merchandise, web development and so on. Additionally, everyone who takes part gets the option to receive the story, so it’s not like throwing your money out the window. The more money that gets raised, the faster the book develops.

6) Did you always want to be an author or was there another pursuit you thought you would end up doing?

Honestly, as a child I wanted to be a garbage man. Luckily I never went that route, but I got into writing in the 4th grade and have always felt at home creating characters, scenarios and ideas. Writing is a part of who I am and have been no matter what job I had at the time. I’m living my dream right now as best as I can and one day I home I can live it full time.

7) Finally, sell your book to my readers in one sentence!

Time-travel, telepathy and sandwiches…a winning combination. – A Time to Reap

As with most crowd funding there are many different ways to get involved from a simple donations of a couple of dollars, or pounds if you’re like me and based in the UK to getting your name in the acknowledgements. If you’ve read the book or you’re a follower of both me and Jonas, or just if you’re interested in how the book pans out, I implore you to give a little to this wonderful author, it only takes a second and I cannot wait to read the second book! If you are interested check out the link here!


11 thoughts on “A little help for Jonas Lee

  1. Katie Cross says:

    It’s interesting that the time leaping and telepathy are considered ‘genetic illness’ and at first I thought it was like the time travelers wife a bit, since he couldn’t control whenever he went. But after further reading, the school sounds pretty intriguing.

    I’ll check these out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nina Soden says:

    Reblogged this on ninasoden and commented:
    As an Indie-Author I believe that helping other authors is very important. Today, I am sharing a blog from mylittlebookblog.com titled ‘A little help for Jonas Lee.’ Jonas Less is the very talented Indie-Author of ‘A Time To Reap.’ I discovered this book on Goodreads and fell in love with the story and the characters right from page one. Now, I am patiently waiting for book 2 to come out. However, because funding is tight for us Indie-Authors, Jonas Less has decided to put together a crowd-funding page to help fund the project. Please take a few minutes to learn about the book, the author, and his crowd-funding efforts and see if it might be something you’d be interested in supporting.

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