Forgetful Fridays…. (A Spin off from Thoughtful Thursdays)


Good afternoon wonderful readers, I think it’s fair to say that it has been a fairly eventful week. A couple of days ago Xtrutech sent their newest and least experienced employee (mee) to Interplas, the British Plastics Show. I was petrified but managed to get myself through a number of days selling machinery and parts to new customers. I made it back last night exhausted and in need of a rest. However, I had to send off my story for my match in the ‘Write Club Fight Club,’ย which will be posted up later today. Therefore when I finally crawled into bed last night I had completely forgotten to get this weeks question posted up. Never fear, Forgetful Fridays on mylittlebookblog are here.

Today’s question is…. ‘What is the longest period of time you’ve gone without reading?’

This weeks question comes from a more personal starting point. This week has been overwhelmingly wonderful. I had a little bit of a light bulb moment at how far I’ve come already, since the end of my relationship around five months ago. This week I have been selling machines for a company I have only been part of three short months, I have written an article for the online magazine I am now a writer for and have had my second idea approved, I have written a story focused on revenge in under a week whilst maintaining my job and my blog, my Solstice Shorts t-shirt arrived and I have received my first story to read and review for the festival among other less pivotal but incredibly important things.

Back to the question (I promise these bits link ^) when the relationship ended I had a dry reading spell. Mylittlebookblog takes reviews from all genres of books and it is very unlikely that I will refuse a book based on its genre. However, this means that when I review a certain book, I often get a stack of reviews of the same genre. So, say I review a supernatural Y/A novella, I often get a range of books relating to this genre because of authors looking for bloggers who will review their book. It just so happen that around the end of said relationship I had just reviewed a number of soppy chick-lit, first love specials. My inbox was packed full of stories that spoke of love and adoration. I could barely look at a my inbox and ignored mylittlebookblog for around a month. I posted sporadically only because I couldn’t just stop but it was incredibly painful. These books were writing of the perfection of being in love whilst I was sobbing eating cold lasagna in bed wearing a penguin onesie. It took a couple of months to get myself back to reading again; I had a deadline for a book release and the date was getting closer and closer. I’m sure the author would have understood but I didn’t want to let a new potentially incredible author lose their exposure at the perfect time. I read ALL night and early into the morning, when I finally finished the review I was flat out exhausted. I fell asleep for what felt like eternity my blog was saturated with comments and likes and views.

Skip forward five months(ish) and I am so incredibly happy with where I am now. It’s far from perfect but I am so content with the person I have become. I will never stop reading because someone lets me down and hurts me from now on. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now if I had just stopped reading, and at the time I wondered whether I would start again. Now my whole life revolves around writing, editing, posting and living my life through words. Even my job is completely based on my abilities as a writer. So there we go, I’ve written you a life story…. I would love to hear your answers.

3 thoughts on “Forgetful Fridays…. (A Spin off from Thoughtful Thursdays)

  1. AWildDog says:

    Occasionally I’ll have a week where I don’t read. Mostly because by the time by day is done I’m exhausted and my usual slot for reading in bed before I go to sleep.

    When I was at college I didn’t read as much for fun because I had a lot of college related reading to do.

    However I don’t think there’s ever been a time I’ve completely gone off reading thankfully! I think the people around me might think I’ve been replaced by an alien or something!

    I’m so glad your doing better now, breakups are so hard. Books never break up with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Katie Cross says:

    “These books were writing of the perfection of being in love whilst I was sobbing eating cold lasagna in bed wearing a penguin onesie.”

    I love this so much. Your blogs make me so excited to read your books when you publish and make it big time!

    Also, as far as reading slumps, then I’d say the worst of it came when I was in nursing school and I could read nothing but textbooks for two years. Except for at Christmas, but I was so busy sleeping that I just didn’t get around to it ๐Ÿ™‚

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