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Last weekend I had the sheer delight of visiting my two lovely sisters, (one true sister, one that I truly wish was,) up in Hull. My little sister Char and her housemate Kathryn have just moved into a delightful flat up in Hull where they will be entering their second year of university! These two lovely people never fail to put a smile on my face, and seeing them was the perfect weekend away from the daily grind of working a full time job. I must admit the 5am start, snuggled in my big winter coat and fur boots was less than lovely, but sleeping on the train is always a good way to counter the effects of very little sleep. I also had the joy of seeing my poor parents who had spent the last few days desperately trying to pack up all the bits and bobs that were apparently vital to my sister surviving the year ahead. (How does one person accumulate so much stuff?!)

Once we had dropped the two slightly hungover ladies to their music rehearsal Sunday morning (Margaritas in a Jamaican bar can lead to slightly fuzzy heads the next morning,) myself and the parents wandered over to the marina to seek out the museums. However on our way there I spotted these.

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Read me,

How far would you go to find the man of your dreams? Sometimes love happens when you least expect it. Make sure you pour yourself a glass of wine or three!

Each of these lovely books had a handwritten tease to tempt you into picking up a copy. A mystery blind date with a book, it’s pretty special isn’t it! I wish I’d had time to pick one of them up and reviewed in however we were in a bit of a rush and I quickly too a snap. One of my things on my list to do is to leave a book somewhere with a note inside. I’m tempted to cover the book like this and leave a note inside explaining why; I think that could just make someones day.

14 thoughts on “Blind Book Date

  1. bellarah says:

    I bought one like this recently! I’ve never heard of the book I ended up with before, but it looks great!
    Such a fantastic idea… I know I never would have gone for the book I got, the cover is hideous with critic’s reviews all over it, yuck.

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