The Guests of Honor: Tales from the Virtue Inn: Cat Amesbury

Evening my beautiful readers, was hoping to be spending the evening doing something a little more interesting but instead I’m here with you lovely people and that’s pretty special. Mylittlebookblog has been getting a lot of love over the past few days and I am extremely thankful of all of you that have been sending my stats through the roof! It tells me most importantly that I’m doing a good job and that means a whole lot. So another review from my backlog that I am slowly working through! Enjoy!

A woman, a fox, and a magical inn. Honor Desry’s only employee is a magical nudist, her guest list has an abnormal fascination with eels, and a surprising number of household objects are trying to hurt her. When Honor’s mother mysteriously disappeared, Honor became responsible for both her younger sisters and the family inn. Now, all Honor wants to do is run the inn, pay the bills, and not get killed by her unusually violent toaster. Unfortunately for Honor, the Virtue Inn has more secrets than it does rooms and the Guests are restless. If Honor wants to keep her house –and her head- she’s going to have to learn how to please The Guests of Honor.

One word, marvellous. I loved this book, first things first the cover is stunning. In my last review I spoke about the importance of a book having a good cover and this one really relates to the content of the book, which is fantastic. The plot line follows Honor Desry, as stated above, being the employer of a magical nudist, a little random, but that’s the joy of this book, it’s fun and enjoyable. Working at the supernatural inn is an interesting job however all goes wrong when her mother disappears and she is placed in the sole responsibility of the inn; however it’s not going to be easy. Honor must take responsibility and unearth the secrets without losing her head!

The first point to make is that Honor is wonderful not only as a character but as a narrator. I thought her name really matched her personality. Her ‘voice’ is entertaining snappy, witty and kept me turning the pages with force. Kay in contrast is calm, kind, tender and gentle; I loved him. It was really special that the story focuses mainly on them. Yes there are filler characters but they don’t take major roles. I really like the way the book is told; it has the style of the classic ‘fairytale’ but is instead for adults. It adds a spin on the classic story whilst drawing the reader in. It is original and entertaining with hints of sarcasm; I honestly loved it. The plot moves with pace and keeps you turning the pages and I honestly had no idea where it was going which was brilliant!

A few problems, this book did push the believability to the limit but I think you have to just go with it. For me it was just pushed a little too far. I did love the ridiculousness of it, and I ended up reading the book despite this, but it did push the reader. The writing is filled with wit, humour and drollness and is well edited to a point. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to spelling and grammar and a few bits were a little off but on the whole it was reasonably good. I also liked the way the book ends, because it actually ends although still allowing for a segment to create interest for the second book. I loved this story; it put a smile on my face and that is a beautiful ending to a book. If you’re looking for a book with quirky descriptions, an interesting cast and flair by the bucket this is definitely for you.


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