500th Post from mylittlebookblog

Afternoon my lovely lovely readers, apparently this is my 500th post! Yes 500! I can’t really fathom it in my mind except I remember delightfully that for many years back my father and I went and stockpiled a mass of one pence pieces. If we saw one on the street or had change from buying something we popped it in a large bag and went along our way. When we had collected a reasonable amount we bagged them up in five packages, we had around five hundred coins. Each of those coins is now a post; a nugget of wisdom from yours truly. Every so often I get a little emotional here on mylittlebookblog and this is one of those times. I cannot believe the support this incredibly pink space has surmounted. Reviews, images, photographs, quotes, private moments these posts have all meant something to me and it has been a delight to share them with you lovely individuals that find yourselves in my rather happy place in the universe. I thank you for the interesting comments, the support, the laughs, the tears, the times you questioned my judgement or my spelling. I am sometimes so shocked that all of this nearly didn’t happen and I am so glad it did and that I took to time to set up this up because this is my haven. Books are my paradise, my special something. If you ever meet me on the street or see me on the bus I’ll either have my nose buried in a book or I’ll be listening away to one daydreaming to myself. So my 500th post is a thank you to all you incredible people that believed in me and continue to surprise me every day; for this I am incredibly grateful .


8 thoughts on “500th Post from mylittlebookblog

  1. equinoxio21 says:

    Congratulations! I like your “rewrite your ending”
    Or is it “re-end your writing”?
    Have a great week-end

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