Thoughtful Thursdays


Afternoon little bloggers, on my lunch break once again and there will be a new review on later so keep your eyes peeled. Now, I love this question because it tells you so, so much about readers and the question is… 

What is your worst book habit?

I’m going to have a few raised eyebrows about mine unfortunately, I’ll say it quickly so it’s over quickly. Okay, I turn the pages down on the corners of books. Right I said it! I hate myself for it, but I lose bookmarks like there is no tomorrow. No matter what type I buy they end up slipping from the pages and leaving me all confused. This is definitely a bad book habit I need to kick but what are yours? 

Answers please!


21 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursdays

  1. Nicholas C. Rossis says:

    OK, I will tell you an even worse one (although it’s my wife’s worst book habit :), which we laugh about) : she likes to flick through to the end of the book, just to check which character survives the plot. Then she goes back and reads through the book, although she knows -more or less- what happens in the end. Admittedly, she does not do that with mysteries, otherwise she misses the whole point. There, I said it!

  2. Christopher Chinchilla says:

    Maybe my bad habit is getting into too many books at once…

    But in reply to your “bad habit,” any author who tells you that dog-earring is disrespectful to their work is a pedantic pissant. Here’s why: first, books themselves–the binding and paper–aren’t works of art. The words are. So any writer who’s worried about how you bend or mark the page is ridiculous. Why? Because those bends and marks are responses to the words–your thoughts and feelings on paper. As an author, if I ever pick up a book of mine and see it tattered, dog-eared, and marked in–I’d probably tear up at the honor I’d feel. The other thing about dog ears is that they say something, they’re a history of your reading. Where did you stop? Do you remember the night you nearly fell asleep reading and had to stop there? Do you remember when that part of the book, with that deeply-creased dog-ear, made you cry and you just had to stop and collect yourself, because the words were that powerful? And don’t you imagine that your kids or your family, if they were to inherit your books, would place their fingers warmly at the dog-ears you made, a distant touch of their fingers to where yours once were when you journeyed through the book they’re now holding? The absolute stupidest line I’ve ever heard in a movie was in Finding Forrester: “Oh Christ,” says the author of the book the kid is reading, “you’ve dog-eared one of the pages. Have you no respect for the author?” My answer is to Forrester is: SHUT. THE FUCK. UP. You pedantic, self-important piece of crap. That line ruined the entire movie for me, believe it or not. I just stopped caring about Forrester. Okay, rant over. Be proud of your dog-earred pages, Lizzy!

  3. Shannon Bradford says:

    I buy books I know I might never read, and never get rid of books I know I will never read again. I currently have several boxes of books in my basement that we have been lugging around the world even though I know I will never read most of them again. Some of them I didn’t even like the first time through!

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