Write a letter to myself to be opened once the 1001 days are over

101 things in 1001 days

So today I finished one of the points on the list that I have been putting off. Due to it being opened at the end of the a 1001 days it was pivotal to get this letter written and stored away. However something in me couldnt do it. It’s odd because writing a letter to yourself seems pretty easy but it wasn’t, and thinking about it I understand why. I don’t know who I’m writing too; see in two and three-quarter years I am going to (hopefully) be a completely different person. Potentially, I am working my dream job, reading and editing books, living in the city, maybe with a new partner, but what if I’m not. What if my life takes a completely different path and instead it goes almost backwards and I am in the still place that I am in now. That is the difficulty with the word potential; if I am in the same place am I really wanting to listen to twenty-one year old Lizzy writing about how incredibly excited about the future she is. It left me in a kind of existential crisis. I got in contact with a friend and asked him what he would do. ‘Tell the truth he said, because although you may not want to hear it right now in the future those things will resonate with you in ways you will not know, but they won’t be terrible.’ So, I sat down, put on some calming music and I wrote the letter. It’s stashed away in my email inbox entitled Dear Lizzy. I have decided that when the days are over I will post the letter here and I will let almost twenty four year old Lizzy reply to her younger self and then we’ll see my potential.


12 thoughts on “Write a letter to myself to be opened once the 1001 days are over

  1. Emma Robyn says:

    This is such a brilliant idea, I might give it a go as well if that’s cool? Your friend sounds like he gives great advice! x

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