His Indecent Lessons: Sky Corgan


Good evening little bloggers, are you ready to get a little hot under the collar? I have blogged a lot today but I haven’t been keeping up to date with my erotic #sexmeupreadathon books. So, two reviews today, yes a little crazy, roll with it. Now, today’s review is a step up, this is hot, rough, sordid writing and it is definitely going to get a few of us a little excited (if you know what I mean!) If you have somehow missed the readathon it’s about raising the profile of erotica, stopping it from being seen as seedy or filthy and seeing it as something that needs to be celebrated in the book world. Yes, ladies get ready to have your feathers ruffled. If you do want to get involved get yourself on twitter and look up the hashtag, or blog about your own sexy reads! But now, onto the review!

Cheyenne Grear was looking forward to college. High school boys were lame and immature. College would provide a smorgasbord of sexy educated men who would be dying to vie for her attention. At least, that’s what she hoped. What actually happened was far from her imagined reality. She never expected to fall for someone much older and totally inaccessible. Damien Reed is confident, sexy, and everything a man should be. The only problem is, he doesn’t even seem to know that Cheyenne exists. When an attempt at thievery goes bad, Cheyenne ends up face to face with the man of her dreams, but is there more to him than meets the eye?

So the first thing to mention is that this is what you would call a ‘bold’ piece of work. It deals with a taboo subject that isn’t normally dealt with. It follows the relationship between a student and her college professor. Before you say anything, yes she has hit eighteen, so it’s not bold in that sense. It is instead bold in the way that the professor appears to take advantage of his position as her teacher. Although it is blatantly shown that she is very in control of her sexuality and her position as the student I couldn’t help but think of the recent stories in the news of students being taken advantage of. It does however lead to a number of compromising situations that allows the author to put in some rather saucy scenes. The book does focus on Cheyenne’s obsession with finding an older, mature student who can teach her a lesson in the bedroom. Luckily she strikes it rich with Damien. I have to quickly put in here, that in terms of characters Damien is a hot mess. Dark, brooding, hot, and hunky I did find myself swooning over him. Unfortunately I found Cheyenne a little maddening and confusing; she goes from sexual goddess to seemingly naïve and confused teenager. It’s odd because the way that she draws Damien’s attention is incredibly raunchy, (I will not be forgetting that scene for a long time.) However she then seems to hide inside her shell. It’s confusing, but then it does up the tension.

When I first started reading this I thought that you would be thrown straight into the plot line and it would be more about creating the sexual tension and getting straight into the sex scenes. However the author definitely slows the pace to try and pull in the storyline. In this sense at times it does feel like the sex scenes were written first and then the plot was worked around the idea of the sex scenes which makes for confused or disjointed read. The writing is a little immature and it definitely has some links to the 50 shades storyline as the idea of domination and submission is wired into the premise of the book. I think overall if you can get over the taboo issue that is the main premise of the story and you like hot strong sex scenes then this is something for you. If you asked me honestly it’s a little too clichéd however if you want something hot and steamy that is easy reading and can easily be put down and picked up again this is perfect.

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