How To Win a Guy in 10 Dates: Jane Linfoot


Good Evening readers! Today is the first day of the #SexMeUpReadathon designed by the wonderful Laura from SheLovesToRead and the rest of the Gosling Girls. Now, if you saw last week, I read and reviewed the book ‘The Escort Next Door.’ Although technically before the readathon started I wanted to give you lot the chance to get involved and I hope you have! The readathon, if you didn’t see is trying to banish the stigma that seems to surround erotic literature on the grounds that it’s disgusting or filthy. So, all this week, everyone that has signed up to the readathon will be reading only erotic fiction and blogging about it! So here is my first official review!
The 10 Date Challenge. Take Ed: one loaded, bad boy, explosives expert, embarking on the impossible – a challenge to have ten dates with one woman. Add in Millie: a fiercely independent, feisty burlesque teacher who has sworn off men. She’s so not his type, he’s so not in her life-plan, but the heat is sizzling, and they’re fighting it all the way. And they both have issues they want to leave behind….is ten dates too long to keep the truth under wraps?

The premise to this book is a simple one; Ed Mitchum, a self-confessed commitment phobic has been set a challenge – to go on 10 dates with one woman. Pushed by his sister Cassie who has had enough of his commitment issues and his reputation for one night only encounters it’s not looking good for Ed. Until he meets the hostile and formidable Millie. Buxom, independent and a dancer of burlesque she is not one to be messed with, especially as she is officially sworn off men. These two should repel each other but there is a dazzling connection that neither can ignore. I was actually slightly surprised by this book; by the title I has assumed that it would be taken from a females perspective, however it turned this slightly on its head and instead focuses on the ways that the two connect with each other through the dates, focusing mainly on the male main character. It did take me by surprise for the first couple of chapters but I warmed to the premise of the book very quickly. I think what made this book connect with me so much was the extremely strong character profiles as both were brilliantly written. Millie is difficult and reluctant to commit but then she turns suddenly to vulnerable and naïve. Ed, however, is strong and sarcastic but turns to understanding and considerate. The depth that is written into the characters allows the author to play with their relationship changing it in a matter of paragraphs from appreciation to volatile anger. I also liked the way that both the characters have secrets to hide and the secrets are kept not only from each other but from the reader as well. It keeps the plot moving forward whilst also making the reader keep reading onwards. Additionally, I must admit that Ed is one of the sexiest characters I have ever met whilst reading. He screamed hot-mess and I would rather have liked him to jump on me!

The writing style was playful but straightforward; the characters are written so they come across as confident and self-assured which reflects the authors writing style. It doesn’t waver and it doesn’t drag out unnecessary details. Sometimes when reading a writer will pull around with the plot too much and it distracts the reader. This is avoided here and instead the writer just gets straight in, with no messing. In terms of the saucier scenes they are written with confidence and assurance. The scenes are raunchy but believable. Additionally the story focuses mainly on the relationship between the two, and only mentions the extra family members occasionally which lets the story really focus on the rising tension between Ed and Millie and I can tell you there is a lot of tension. The only problem for me was the clichéd ending I would have much rather it ended with a few ends not tied up but instead the ending is laced with cheese. It’s not the end of the world but for me it lacked a certain finesse.

Overall I really loved this book! If you’re new to erotic fiction it’s definitely one to give a go. It’s got passion, tension, sex and the discussion of a pretty interesting relationship. Definitely not one to miss! So off you go pleasure seekers!


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