Thoughtful Thursdays

Good Morning Little Bloggers, it is once again Thursday. Quick confession to make here, I cannot believe how quickly the time is going. Two and a half weeks into my internship and although I’m finding it a little difficult I am really enjoying it. However, it has stopped me from being able to not only read but review as much as I would ultimately like to. However these posts are so brilliant as I get to read all the comments and really feel involved when I am away for a while. Today’s question revolves around a dinner party. Let me first set the scene; a beautifully set table, white bone china is placed perfectly in the centre of each beautifully woven place-mat, whilst a crisp white napkin lays folded by the glistening silver cutlery. The table is set for four places, each chair placed delicately around the circular table for ease of conversation. The smell of cooking is wafting into the room while a low steady hum of low jazz can be heard playing from a few rooms away. You are the host of this fantastically planned dinner party, and your three book-related guest are about to arrive. Who is invited to take the three places at the table and why and what are you cooking to delight them?

6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursdays

  1. Harliqueen says:

    Oh! I think Jane Austen (are we allowed dead people? :D), David Gaider and Terry Pratchett. All of them great authors that I’d like to quiz and get insight into how to better my own writing!

  2. sjhigbee says:

    Reblogged this on Brainfluff and commented:
    Yes… it’s hot. But brains should be able to spark in the sunshine. Here’s a scenario, courtesy of Lizzy Baldwin, to keep those grey cells ticking over!

  3. Christopher Chinchilla says:

    Ayn Rand, Patrick Stewart, Orson Scott Card. Rand discovered the philosophy of “Objectivism” and wrote my favorite book, *The Fountainhead.* Patrick Stewart is awesome in, like, a hundred different ways–a writer, director, and Shakespearean actor who played Captain Picard, and who is also pretty funny! Orson Scott Card is my favorite contemporary writer who is religious (unlike Ayn Rand) and dislikes Star Trek (unlike Patrick Stewart). As we enjoyed our chateaubriands with bearnaise sauce, chateau potatoes, and lemon green beans, we’d discuss literature–writing it, enjoying it, and judging it. And then, to ensure this good time didn’t end, I’d lock the doors to my mansion and never let them leave. =)

  4. Denise says:

    Charlotte Mendelson, AL Kennedy because it would be just like having my Twitter feed come to life. Mark Haddon because I went to a talk by him and he is just lovely!

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