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Good evening my lovely little bloggers! Yesterday I asked you to come up with a number of questions for me regarding myself and my blog, so here are the answers to your wonderful questions. I often don’t tend to babble about myself too much and I normally reign it in on the pretense that blogging about yourself is a little boring, but it seems that a number of you have questions for me! So here are the answers…read on, and enjoy! (Hopefully!)

How do you find and/or decide which books to read and/or review?

I really like this question; currently I read almost only books that I get sent by authors. When I was looking around the book blogging sphere I saw that many book bloggers refused books from self-published or new authors and I thought, that’s just not right! I know that book blogging is at times frustrating and tiring, but I think that new authors demand and need just as much attention as well-known or established authors. In terms of deciding what to review I intend to review all the books I am sent as I still cannot believe that people send me their manuscripts, however I try to make sure that the book matches my blog, so nothing too out there and I try to avoid sci-fi if possible as I don’t think I can do it justice due to my lack of interest. I also don’t review books in the order that they appear in my inbox. I like variety and I often get sent a number of the same genre of books at the same time because people have seen my reviews. therefore I try to mix it up and give a variety. Additionally every so often my incredible Mother sends me a book and that gets squeezed in because she is so good at choosing books for me!

How many of the books you read get reviewed in the end?

I honestly review all the books I read; because I specialise in books that are specifically sent to me I make sure that if someone has deliberately got in touch with me and emailed me, to get me at mylittlebookblog to review their book then I will review it, even if it takes a while. Books that arn’t sent to me and I buy myself, I guess it ultimately depends on how well it fits with the blog as a whole! If it fits perfectly and I think people will like it I’ll review but if I ultimately find it tiring or lacking in enjoyment it’s a lot less likely to be reviewed!

Do you read comics or manga or do you prefer novels?

No, I only really read novels!

Do you have a favourite genre? Why do you consider it your favourite?

Love this question so much! Historical fiction is probably my favourite genre! If an author has the ability to transfer me to another era and a completely different world what could be better? I think books are the ultimate escapsim and travelling through time to an entirely new place is incredibly touching!

Do you ever get asked to review something and give a good review even though you didn’t like it?
Great question once again; as of yet I have never been asked to review something and give it a good review even if I didn’t like it and I am so glad because I would have to tell them rather strongly to take their books elsewhere! I always try and write a sandwich review; so sandwich the negatives between positives however I would never lie in my reviews. It not only compromises me as a blogger but it tarnishes the other great books I have read. I have a couple of times been asked to overlook grammar and spelling if there is a new edition being released or the author had a bad experience with their editor!

AND, how do you put your own grade on your reviews?

If you are a regular reader of mylittlebookblog you will see that I do not have a rating system. I’ve kind of explained this before but the main reason is that there are so many things that affect whether I have liked the book. For example; I may have loved the build up of character profiles but disliked the lack of description, I may have loved the writing style but not felt that the plot-line was strong enough to sustain it; to give a rating would be to average all of these factors against each other and that’s not a true representation of my thoughts. Therefore to grade them I leave it up to you, the readers of my review. I tell you the plot and then I outline my thoughts, because all I’m here for is to find you new incredible books to read; but our tastes may be different and by writing my reviews in this way I feel like I can cater for all!

You discover a way to bring one fictional character into the real world, who would you bring out and what would you show them?
I would love to meet Sherlock Holmes, take him for coffee and spend the afternoon people watching in London! We could chat all day about mysteries, people, life, Dr Watson, oh, it would be marvelously British πŸ™‚ ❀

I love your blog! But I’m curious: By the end of the month how many books / words have you read?

Ah how many words? That's too difficult! It really depends on the months but I think between six and eight books a month! Wow that sounds like a lot πŸ™‚

What are your thoughts about international books? I have this thing for books and publications from outside my country, and I was wondering if you have a take (or preference) for it?

I never really take this into account when I'm reading if I'm completely honest! If I like the blurb I'll probably give it a read πŸ™‚

So there it is! Hope you all enjoy πŸ˜€ ❀

4 thoughts on “Questions for mylittlebookblog

  1. WildFire says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. πŸ˜€ I read loads like you do, so it’s great to read your opinions on stuff I’ve read, or find new books… It’s fun. Also, Sherlock Holmes: good choice. πŸ™‚

  2. Karen says:

    Great answers! I also get most of my books by the authors. Frequently I buy books ‘recommended’ by fellow book bloggers. And there is also the occasional gift by a friend or relative.
    I greade according to Goodreads/Amazon. My readers tend to read between the lines, not necessarily taking into account the number of stars…
    Honesty is of utmost importance for us reviewers, I wholeheartedly agree.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I am so glad you posted this. I am writing a book blog. This means, I write each chapter and publish it as soom as I finish writing. I’m trying to have it finished by the end of the year. I’ve never written a novel in my life and have no formal traning. There are a number of grammer mistake, that I plan on fixing very soon. I have no Editor so this is always the first cut.

    I’m writing online in order to get feedback on my writing style and just in general see if anyone likes my work. So far I have recieved positive feedback.

    I once read that no one will publish a book if any part of it has shown up on the internete. I find this a bit scary. Do you know if it is true?

    It would be nice to be published, but for now, I just have this story to tell and am writing it. I don’t thing anything could stop me.

    Have a nice day and thank you for reviewing new authors. You are doing a wonderful thing.

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