Diary of an Intuitive: Vera Gibson


Good afternoon my beautiful littlebloggers. I am feeling a little overjoyed today and also a little confused. Today’s review comes courtesy of the lovely Vera Gibson; now the reason for my joy is the cover of this book is absolutely stunning. Now, readers do not start pointing the finger and repeating the phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ in a manic voice, I’ve heard it all before.  But recently, I have received a number of books that have been overall brilliant, fun to read, and have been yes, good books. But the covers have been less than good. So when this book appeared I just fell in love with it. Now, the confused bit comes with the content however, I’ll get to that later. Thank you to all the people sending reviews, I am getting through them but it’s taking a little time so please be patient! With no further wait, onto the review!

Diary of an Intuitive is a unique memoir written in real time. Prompted by her grandmother’s spirit, the author began writing a daily blog documenting spiritual and metaphysical occurrences four weeks before the sudden death of her son and his girlfriend. The author continued posting faithfully and this book is based on the first year’s worth of entries. The profound insights, images, and experiences she shares are inspirational and thought provoking. Two prominent themes that emerged early on in the journey were those of Love and Gratitude. Diary of an Intuitive is beautifully crafted to replicate a diary with die cut laminated cover, colour images, and transparencies. Sounds pretty beautiful doesn’t it! This is a book of hope and devotion when going through a difficult time in life. It documents Vera’s pain in the loss of her son and his soul mate whilst providing a personal inspiration to its readers.

So, a little background information to accompany the review; this book started as a blog. Yes a blog! It was written when the author was going through an incredibly hard time in her life (as said above,) and, as we all know blogging helps. The book is therefore a first year’s worth of entries to this blog, documenting the ups and downs of the authors life. It highlights how the author found guidance in the small things, the divine and unworldly. The things we can’t quite explain. Now, I’m not a particularly spiritual person, and therefore when I read the blurb I thought that this wouldn’t be for me but I have been pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the inspirational moments that are documented in the book especially the thought provoking nature of some of the posts. Take the post ‘My Diamond Slippers Are Getting Too Small,’ it’s a special post about how when we are faced with adversity we should realise how lucky we are and that really we are complaining about things that are really quite unimportant (hence the diamond slippers.) Additionally a lovely touch is that at the bottom of each page are a selection of tick boxes labelled; interesting, thought provoking, comforting, helpful, uplifting and other, the idea being that the reader reads the post and then ticks the box below, allowing them to use the book as a guide for when times are difficult. Although I am not a fan of writing in books I think it is a brilliant way to add an interactive side to the book. Additionally, as another decorative point, the pictures and section indicators throughout are printed on a beautiful quality of paper and add a feminine and delicate touch to the book.

One thing for me that was a little difficult was the format of the book; I know that the book is a years worth of posts, but for me I couldn’t help but think I would have much rather read this as a blog. For me it doesn’t quite transfer over to a book format; we all know that blogging relies on time, it depends on what you have on. For example some posts will be more in depth, some will be written quickly over a cup of coffee in the morning, and it is the same here. Some of the posts are longer and in depth, some are incredibly short and although they tell a story it makes for disjointed reading at times. It meant that I couldn’t quite settle into a smooth reading pattern. However, I think this book may be better devoured in short bursts, dip in and out, pick a page and give it a read much like you would a blog. Overall I really enjoyed the book but less as a book and more as an inspirational collection of posts. Definitely worth a look if you are into the spiritual but if you’re looking for a story or narrative it may be one to avoid. However, there is one thing that I can definitely say; anyone that picks up this book will not be able to help feeling so inspired through Vera’s sheer determination to survive in the darkest of times. I wish her the best in everything and hope she continues to help others through her words of wisdom.

oh, and here’s a lovely extract:

Friday, September 23: Beauty in Dying
Fall equinox. A new season begins. From fresh, crisp apples, juicy droplets spray out with every bite. The comfort of a favourite sweater provides warmth against the cooler air. Leaves soon will be piled high, perfect for jumping into. Moments of pure pleasure. The most poignant aspect of fall, however, lies in its colours, those brilliant hues of orange, yellow, and red. Leaves embark on the last leg of their journey, glorious to behold. Impressed by the magnificence of this transformation, I revive long held awareness that beauty can be found in dying.

One thought on “Diary of an Intuitive: Vera Gibson

  1. Vera Gibson says:

    Thank you for investing the time to read my book and sharing your thoughts about it with your readers – I appreciate your honest feedback. When promoting “Diary of an Intuitive”, I have often been asked what I would suggest in terms of how one would read this book and my response has been, a few pages at a time. However, I know that some readers have read it from start to finish within a few days. Ultimately, it’s whatever works best for the individual 🙂 Thanks again Lizzy, all the best.

    Warmly, Vera

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