Ignoring Gravity; Sandra Danby

Morning my lovely little bloggers. It will please many (I am sure) that I am finally getting through the massive pile of virtual books sat buring a hole in my email inbox! There are so many in there and I have vowed to get as many read and reviewed as physically possible before the deadline of the 30th when I start my internship! So once again, if you are waiting I promise it will appear on mylittlebookblog soon! Secondly a quick note is that this book is not yet available to buy but instead you can pre-order it, before it is published in September 2014! Additonally, if you want to keep up to date with the author and with other reviews of the book you can check out her blog here… http://sandradanby.com!

Rose Haldane is confident about her identity. She pulls the same face as her grandfather when she has to do something she doesn’t want to, she knows her DNA is the same as his. Except it isn’t: because Rose is adopted and doesn’t know it. Ignoring Gravity connects two pairs of sisters separated by a generation of secrets. Finding her mother’s lost diaries, Rose begins to understand why she has always seemed the outsider in her family, why she feels so different from her sister Lily. Then just when she thinks there can’t be any more secrets…

This is the perfect summer read; I read this sprawled in the garden, under the sun. It really is the perfect mix of drama, family, love, discovery and friendship. The first thing to note is the plausibility of the plotline; sometimes I read a book and I find myself questioning the reality of the situation. Here, it appears that the author has done some serious research and each of the plotlines weaves seamlessly together in which to create a dramatic but credible plotline that draws the reader in. I also really liked the way that the narrative skips between the two sisters; by writing the book in this way it allows the two different situations to be fully understood by the reader, and allowed a number of twists that helped the drive the story forward. The writing style is flawlessly descriptive and sophisticated, with brilliantly written cliffhangers that made me push forward devoring the book to understand what was going on. The book also has a number of very deftly written emotional moments; sometimes in books these can get a little cliched however they are managed with style and maturity here. In one scene, Rose has just found out a terrible secret, and rushes back to her flat. In her rush she bumps into a man she was really hoping not to see; but he follows her back, makes her peppermint tea, and puts her to bed. It is incredibly sweet and emotional and written with a great understanding of how to draw out a relationship in which to grab the readers attention.

Another thing to really note is the way the characters are incredibly well built up; Rose appears at first frail and whaif like, and doesn’t appear able to stand her ground. However as the book builds and she learns more and more about her past and her history she begins to grow in stature, becoming a little fighter who won’t take no for an answer. Lilly is also incredibly well-written; she has a motherly tone about her, but as Rose’s life appears to reach a rock bottom, Lilly suddenly also has to take stock of her life. Here she begins to seem vulnerable however the two sisters cling to one another and they both rise from the ashes of the difficult situation and offer support to the other. The relationship between them is very real, and the delicate but full description of the two characters helps to really cement the bond between the two in the readers head. This also allows for powerful relationships to be built between the minor characters creating a well-bodied plotline. Sometimes, characters can stay the same throughout the book and then suddenly they change, which I always find unbelivable but here they rise and fall throughout the book making the readers heart turn as each of the sisters finds out something new about herself or the other. Additonally, there is the thread of a romance, however it does not at any point overshadow the main story of Rose finding her new identity, but instead creates another string in which to gain the interest of the reader.

I was pulled along by this delighful book; the search for Rose’s real place in the world is a truly emotional but inspiring story of how certain secrets can poison the ones that we love most in the world. It is a brilliantly written book with a strong message about family. The characters are well written, the plotline is well researched, it is a lovely book that could teach all a message! A delight to read!

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