‘question time littlebloggers’

'question time littlebloggers'

It’s a thunderous afternoon; the rain is drizzling and you can hear the long droning rumble of thunder. With your hair dripping of rain water you throw yourself into the nearest coffee shop. Warm and inviting, you huddle over to the counter, and smile at the Barista. With a comforting grin he asks your order and gestures to the slanted bookcase on the other side of the shop. You stumble over, coffee in hand, grab a book and settle into the warm corner seat at the back of the darkened shop….
So question; what do you order? and what book do you choose to read? (No limitations!)

36 thoughts on “‘question time littlebloggers’

  1. rachelraine says:

    Hot chocolate, I don’t drink tea or coffee and my head is about to explode at the idea of having to choose just one book. One of my all time favourites is The Count of Monte Cristo but it might be a bit long for a coffee shop break. Maybe something shorter that I could finish in the one sitting, or something I’d never read before, to try it out before purchasing it myself.

  2. Denise says:

    What a longed-for image. Coffee makes me a little buzzy, but if I am in the right mood, I venture into espresso land. Otherwise it is the tamer cappuccino.

    In a storm I tend to feel more serious and meaningful, so I would choose Hermione Lee’s biographly of Penelope Fitzgerald, and the current copy of the LRB, because I never have time to sit down with it.

  3. Mark Baron says:

    A Caramel Macchiato, grande, triple shot. The book? A complete collection of the works of Lord George Gordon Noel Byron. I flip easily, comfortably through the pages, for they and the words upon them are old friends of mine. I stop at a favorite, and read – “Start not, nor deem my spirit fled; In me, behold the only skull from which, unlike a living head, whatever flows is never dull.” I smile, and for a moment, share some sarcastic kinship with a fellow poet, no matter how long dead he may be.

  4. bibliosa says:

    I happen to love rainy days, so this is fun!
    I would order a Cinnamon Dulce Latte, and for a book I would probably read read some historical fiction, preferably something that took place in the Scottish Highlands or Ireland just go with the mood. Or maybe some crime thrillers like Tana Fench those are always good for rainy days:)

  5. Jonas Lee says:

    I would go for a Peppermint Mocha, hot and refreshing. Then, since it’s raining, I’d pick up a copy of Stephen King’s The Mist. A gripping story in the rain is always fun.

  6. Ebi Poweigha says:

    Interesting question! I don’t read on rainy days, I read in the spare moments I have throughout the day.

    For this scenario … I guess the book I most associate with rainy days would be a romance novel — so I’d probably be reading The Scarlet Letter. I’d ask the barista for a cup of water and order a giant scone or other baked good I could nibble on until the rain stopped and I could head out again, on my way.

  7. jnitro519 says:

    ooooh! i always go for the simple one, the brew of the day… black and plain. it makes me more alert, thus ready to dive in any sorts of reads. these days, im into fictions. series based ones, say, im into patrick ness’ chaos trilogy!
    im doing it now! yay!

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