I absolutely love this book tattoo; I have been playing with a number of quotes that I was tempted by, yet this one caught my eye. The placement would be on my ribs, and the temptation is growing. (Knowing my mother reads my blog, I’m not getting it yet…yet?) Anyhow, do any littlebloggers have any book related tattoos? Or thinking of getting on! Comments Please……

15 thoughts on “Tattoo….?

  1. L.S. Engler says:

    Oooh, that design is lovely! I haven’t got any tattoos myself, though I’m constantly thinking of getting one. I’ve been hearing about a lot of book tattoos lately, so it’s been tempting, but the placement is what I can’t seem to decide on. One blogger I know mentioned getting the “I’ve lived thousands of lives” quote along with a stack of books, and I really liked that idea.

  2. Claudia H. Blanton says:

    no tattoo yet, my daughter and I are getting a tattoo on her 18th birthday, not matching, unless she wants to, so I have another year to contemplate the details. Love the idea of a book related one, will have to see, cute!

  3. stephswint says:

    I waited for years to get my tattoo. I wanted to be sure I wanted the same thing for three years and was very specific of placement. Then I got the opportunity to get a traditional tattoo in Maui by the lady person who does them there and everything changed. I love it and don’t regret. Make sure your experience is just as right as the tattoo. …by the way I plan everything do this was very much an act in living in the moment.It’s a beautiful tattoo and I doubt you would regret it

  4. LR says:

    I don’t have one but I’ve always dabbled with the idea of getting one. I think this one is beautiful – keep us posted.

  5. Scarlett Arp says:

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