“Reader’s Bill …

“Reader’s Bill of Rights

1. The right to not read

2. The right to skip pages

3. The right to not finish

4. The right to reread

5. The right to read anything

6. The right to escapism

7. The right to read anywhere

8. The right to browse

9. The right to read out loud

10. The right to not defend your tastes”
― Daniel Pennac

16 thoughts on ““Reader’s Bill …

      • Green Embers says:

        I believe I can (and should) review a book if I don’t finish it. As a reviewer I am giving my experience with the work and if I couldn’t finish it, then I am going to state that, and state why and why I wouldn’t recommend it. She was on the side of the fence that you should only review books you finish.

        My perspective is if I absolutely cannot stand what I am reading, why torture myself on the slight chance it might get better? I don’t have a lot of time in the day and I would rather spend my reading time reading something I do enjoy. (Especially where I am not paid to give reviews. If I was getting paid, well that would be a different story, lol).

      • littlebookblog says:

        See I agree; I think even if you can’t finish a book you can give the reasons why and work them into a review! 🙂 oh goodness so true! If I’m not enjoying a book I won’t make myself toil through it! 🙂 I’ll give it as good a go as physically possible though!

  1. amyishyper says:

    Reblogged this on Life According to Moi and commented:
    As an avid reader, I have to agree with all of these- sometimes it can be really hard to finish a book if you’re just not into it, and you can always come back and reread it later anyway.

  2. Rutilly says:

    Reblogged this on RuTilly's and commented:
    I love and agree with this totally, although I think that people who chose not to read are missing out on so much but we all have a choice, so this is great and had to share!

  3. bookgeeking says:

    This is great I really like it, agree with them all, I saw the debate about reviewing if you don’t finish, I do review if I don’t finish, it’s not always because it’s bad, it can because it is not for you, I always state why I decided to read it then why it was not for me, I do not rate it though unless it is really badly written.

    • littlebookblog says:

      Totally agree! I think some times you can tell the book is good but it doesn’t connect with you! When I was younger I tried to read Phillip Pullmans dark materials books so so so so many times and just couldn’t do it! For years I kept picking them up and giving them another go! Finally I decided nope these are just not for you! 🙂

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