In 2010, I travelled to Borneo, and found myself in the most awe-inspiring new world; this photo, to this day, continues to take my breath away. I look and see a girl that was free and so happy and I think what I would give to be back there.I see my shark tooth necklace and my wooden bracelets that I collected whilst I was there and think there, my hardest decision was which colour my new one would be and what it would remind me of. I spent the month shifting dirt, digging the foundations for a new school, running litter pickings along the beach, teaching the local community the importance of keeping their community tidy, learning to scuba-dive, living in the jungle surrounding by creepy-crawlies, and mostly finding myself. I now live my travellers life through the books I read and the worlds I immerse myself in. If I could, for one minute make anyone feel how I felt having that photo taken, and feel so incredibly on top of the world I would…without a second of a doubt. For me, this is the ultimate picture of my happiness in the last couple of years; there is no place I would rather be. Whilst I surround myself with philosophical text books, with past papers and with piles of work I think to myself, one day I will go back there. I will find the person that I left there, I will get that feeling back, and I will find the real Lizzy Baldwin. Not the one I’ve been hiding.

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