A Time to Reap (The Legend of Carter Gabel Book one) by Jonas Lee

I was sent this book by the lovely Jonas Lee, and in his words loved your blog. I figured I would throw my hat in the ring. You can’t go anywhere if you don’t move, right?’ I am so happy you chose to ‘move’ and send this onto me and let me have a read. I was submersed in a new world and so carried away with this that I decided to review this rather than work on my philosophy dissertation (which I’m so worried about!) So that’s pretty impressive! Jonas states on his lovely blog at ‘http://jonasleeblog.com’ (Go check it out!) ‘If you want more, encourage me to get this sucker in front of an agent or publisher.’ So here it is Jonas, my plea to you, to get this to a publisher and get this out there for everyone to read! YES, I mean it! So, with no more distractions, or me warbling on relentlessly, onto the review.

 The story follows the delightful Carter, a young adult that suffers from Chrono-Displacement Syndrome, a condition that causes him to be able to leap through time, visiting different places in his past. Although this may seem unusual it isn’t where Carter is from. As like his mother and grandfather before him Carter can voyage back in time to see the past. In the present, where Chrono-Displacement Syndrome is a very regular occurrence and is officially a hereditary illness, Carter studies at Pemberton Academy for individuals who are also diagnosed with the same genetic illness. However Carter finds out through meeting the sweet and seemingly innocent Mo that there is much more to his power and that through their connection their individual powers are heightened to an extreme. However, this has meant that certain members at the academy have taken notice of the pair and will do anything to bring them down and take control of their abilities and use them for their own means. Carter and Mo must work together along with Carter’s amusing but enigmatic mother, to stop their powers from being harnessed and being used for wrong. Can they work it out before it’s too late? Can Jonas finally find out why his father left so long ago? And can he and Mo channel their strengthened powers and use them for good? Read the book to find out! Wow eh? What a spectacular plotline. As soon as we start the book we are placed straight in the action; Carter has travelled back in time, and is at his Grandmothers, after finding some clothes (when he travels he always finds himself stark naked at his destination) We are pulled as a reader, with so many questions, and yet Lee keeps his cards close to his chest, only giving us just enough information and forcing us to read on!

 What I really loved about the book was the authors understanding of characterisation; Carter is a plucky teen with a real sense of humour and wit. He is mischievous but also bold and shows a lot of courage throughout the book. It is a real skill to be able to give a character so much spirit but also give them so much depth. The same with Mo, at first she comes across as a vulnerable wraith like spirit, who lacks courage and is very vulnerable, but she grows significantly throughout the book and we see that at the core of her character is strength and determination. As she grows throughout the book, so does their relationship, and we see that the two are very much drawn to one another into a very special relationship. The way that Lee does this is exceptional and feels real and honest and you cannot help but want them to explore their relationship quicker, but Lee makes the reader wait, not quite knowing whether there is a stronger connection until a lot further in the book which makes it even more unique. This is also seen in the relationship described between Carter and his mother; there is teasing feel to their relationship at points but you always get the understanding that both are very protective of the other and it is through this that we gain an strong understanding of their relationship and it definitely captured my attention with it’s brilliance! Another strength to the book is the use of description; Lee has really understood the importance of unfolding the plotline instead of merely telling the story. Take for example when Carter travels, it is described as ‘the sensation rushed through me from the inside/out and I could feel myself going back to my place in time. It was like little carbonated bubbles fizzing up inside of me until they raced through my veins and up through the pores in my skin. There is a split second where I see and hear nothing. It’s actually cosy as it brings utter peace and tranquillity.’ How beautiful is that; you can really imagine how Carter is feeling. This happens throughout the book and it really gives the book a sense of style and real understanding of how to involve and sustain the attention of the reader. Finally, and this is probably my favourite bit to write about books. The skill of the author is really seen in the attention to detail, I don’t want to give anything away because it’ll ruin it but; the notes that Carter finds, the use of the Gemini, the code word ‘curio cabinet,’ and crap sandwiches. The use of these tiny details really brings the book to life and shows the real skill of the author! Brilliant!

 So Jonas, here is me singing the praises of you book, it is definitely worth and read, and I hope that all my lovely readers will start reading the book so we can encourage Jonas to go see a publisher and get this out there! (I’m counting on you, littlebookbloggers!)

PS: check the book out here http://jonasleeblog.com! Ciao 


10 thoughts on “A Time to Reap (The Legend of Carter Gabel Book one) by Jonas Lee

  1. Rachel says:

    Similar premise to The Time Traveler’s Wife, no? I loved that book! (I didn’t read this whole post in case there were spoilers, so I read the start to get the gist – apologies if this has already been covered). R x

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