7 thoughts on “…think

  1. Ray H says:

    I was just discussing this today, in any medium it’s not good to be passively allowing someone else to do your thinking for you. Prose books are the most obvious and of course require the most thought. Even in movies, comics, music; you should always be considering meanings and imagining and using your dang brain!

  2. Charlie says:

    I completely agree with this, I love thinking about a book afterwards and love discussing the options. Unfortunately I don’t have many people around me who or read my kind of books or read as fast as I do. But I love thinking about meanings, quotes and just the overall story.
    I tried reblogging this on my blog, but as I’m fairly new to WordPress I have no idea how, but when I have figured it out and made it perfect I will let you know 🙂

    • littlebookblog says:

      Well you are always welcome to comment here if you want to discuss a book! I read a lot and very often so if you ever need someone to chat to can always comment here! 🙂 It’s told me that you have reblogged this so thank you very much and it is lovely to meet you! 🙂

      • Charlie says:

        aww thanks! I will take you up on that offer, definitely! 🙂 And I’m glad it has reblogged it on mine. And it is indeed lovely to meet you too! 🙂

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