The Lighthouse Award

Wow, another award for my blog I cannot believe it! When I started this blog almost a year ago I had no idea that it would become as popular as it has and to be nominated by another blogger is fantastic so thank you to, (if you have a minute check it out!) So, there a couple of rules, firstly display the Award Certificate on your blog, (check!)


Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you, (in progress!)

Inform your nominees of their award nominations. (also in progress!)

Share three ways that you like to help others. (check)

Firstly, reviewing books! The main reason for starting this blog was to help and share ideas about books with other readers. I have lots of ideas on books and I like to think that by sharing them I can help other readers find new books they may have missed!

Secondly I like to think that I am a very loyal friend and a good listener. I like to think that if anyone had a problem they could come to me for support and giggle and a good chin wag!

Finally, I am always one to buy a friend chocolate if they are down… and what could be better than that!

Nominate as many bloggers as you like (check)
Right, so here we go. I would like to nominate,

Apologies if you’re not a fan of awards on wordpress, but I enjoy your blogs so much I though they deserved a little appreciation!

4 thoughts on “The Lighthouse Award

  1. missdreamymarie says:

    Thank you again! This was such a sweet, and very unexpected surprise. Just when you think your blog is nonsense, someone like you comes along and encourages me to keep on. 🙂 Yay. Happy blogging!

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