Guest blogger for mylittlebookblog: any takers?



So, I’ve been tempted by this for a little while, would anyone like to be a guest blogger for my lovely little blog. If anyone would like to write a piece on something (yes it must be book related) I will give it an edit and post it here! I am very happy to do the same. I think it is brilliant to get writers work published on other blogs and create some extra interest. If anyone fancies it, give me a message on here and I will be in touch very shortly. 

Much love 



51 thoughts on “Guest blogger for mylittlebookblog: any takers?

    • littlebookblog says:

      Thank you! I’m always open to new ideas and would love to get budding writers involved in my blog 🙂

  1. thetarotman says:

    Lizzy, I would be happy to “guest star” on your blog; I have only done this once before, but I enjoyed the experience. Incidentally, I have written book review type posts on my first WordPress blog,, but recently wrote my first book review post on my new blog,

    And, we can certainly discuss the details about whether I would be writing a book review type post, or just my bibliophilistic-inspired musings.

  2. littlebookblog says:

    Hey ‘thetarotman’ lovely to hear from you! if you’re interested that would be brilliant! If you want to give me an email at we can discuss what you’d like to write! (only thing is there is a little bit of a backlog I’ve had about 5 emails but I would love you to write for my blog!) and Jenn I’ve just emailed you back!! 🙂

  3. jeremyahall1 says:

    Hi! Thanks for reading my post today. You might like yesterday’s post about ‘Turning Pro”. I wouldn’t mind doing a post on your blog about that if you’re interested. Have a nice day.

    – Jeremy

  4. peiyunn says:

    Hi mylittlebookblog! Thanks for liking my “TGIF!” post! I love to write for your blog as a guest blogger! 🙂 How can I go about doing it?

  5. Heidi Sprouse says:

    Lizzy, I’d love to be a guest! Send me a message any time and I’ll do a post. I’ve recently published “All the Little Things,” a sweet romance that would fit right in with mylittlebookblog at You can also see my silly video about it on youtube at I’m trying to get the word out on facebook, anywhere and everywhere. Feel free to share!

    • littlebookblog says:

      heya! I’ve just watched your video (and a had a bit of a giggle!) I’d love for you to do a post! I can ask you a few questions about the book and we can post it as a author interview or if you want to send me a message on the review requests I can read the book and write a review of it and post it up here! 🙂 I’m very happy to help you spread the word of your new book! 🙂

  6. Cherry Potts says:

    Thanks for liking the Story Sessions blog, Lizzie. I’d love to do you a guest blog, (Writing, favourite books, micro-publishing, live literature…??) and one of my authors at Arachne Press, Alex Smith is definitely up for guest blogging, she has a YA novel coming out in July, and as she’s in South Africa ‘personal’ appearances are a bit of a challenge! I’ve spotted your email so will send you something so we can speak off line.

    • littlebookblog says:

      Hey! I really enjoyed it and definitely thought it deserved a read! I have just read your email and will write a reply later apologies very busy today! I would love to write a piece on something literary based and also definitely get the author involved! I would love to help out as much as possible! 🙂

  7. suecoletta says:

    It looks like you have plenty of blogs to choose from. What a great idea! I would be happy to be a guest blogger if you still have room. Send me an email if you need more people Although I am involved in Blogging 201 on the fifteenth, where we post everyday.

    • littlebookblog says:

      hey! thank you for commenting! At the moment I am waiting on a number of people for guest posts however if they don’t appear I will give you an email and we can discuss a post! 🙂 best wishes lizzy ❤

  8. Queen Jenevere says:

    It looks like you have quite the queue now, but I’d be happy to contribute! I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but to get a sample of what I’ve done, here’s a review I wrote of 50 Shades during its big hype ( I would be happy to review a book or talk about books or talk about authors (my blog is inspired by Liz Gilbert)–I enjoy reading memories and travel writing and books that are funny… So if any of that fits your vision, please let me know! 🙂

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