The Bone Cradle: C.E.Trueman

I like to mix it up now and again for mylittlebookblog, as keeping to the same genres, same age range, and generally the same books becomes dull. So, today I have a light and gentle book that is set for young adults. It is a short and sprightly book that my wonderful mum gave to me a couple of years back. At the time I promised to read it, and dutifully ignored it and put it back on the shelf where it has sat for at least four years (maybe more!) Terrible I know, however I fancied something short and sweet to get my teeth into (it’s not very long!) as I was struggling with another book I was reading! So here it is, hope you enjoy!

Ten-year-old Matt Walker has a secret, a pretty gruesome one…Still grieving for his father and rejecting his new stepfather, Matt desperately tried to get his life in gear with the usual kid’s stuff – football, internet, hanging out with friends. But when Matt and his friends accidentally stumble across a hidden house with an unusual occupant, Matt is determined to investigate and finds himself drawn into a mysterious adventure that will change him forever. The Bone Cradle follows the life of the young and naïve Matt who when his father passes away finds himself in the difficult situation of a stepfather that he isn’t to keen on. Too pass the time and to get away from the awkward living situation Matt goes on an adventure with two friends. Finding an old brick tunnel they sidestep through till they find a door; to their surprise a face appears, but it is no face they have ever seen before. Frightened and confused the children run down the tunnel vowing to never return again. However Matt’s curiosity gets the better of him and after an encounter with the man, who in fact is afflicted with an abnormality shows Matt the loneliness that he suffers and teaches him humility and sensitivity. The story shows Matt learning that all people are different and this is not something to shy away from but to embrace. However, Matt discovers that there isn’t just one person living in the house in the tunnel and he must make the decision whether to tell the world to leave his new friend in peace!

For a young reader this book is perfect; it has mystery, a little terror, and the message that doing the right thing can still cause consequences that can change you forever. In terms of length it is perfect for younger reader as the plot keeps pace meaning the story does not become to lengthy or dull which can be difficult. As adult readers we are used to waiting for the action or the need for anticipation in which to pull us into the story and into the characters. But, this isn’t always the case for the target audience of this book and therefore it needs to keep pace to keep being entertaining. However, do not pass up the chance to read this book, it is sensitive, touching and could teach us all a little about the not judging people on the first meeting. The Bone Cradle however is the ideal book for a child or a person that has not yet grasped the magic of reading; it will teach a message and may just change their want to read in the future!


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