Fangirl: Rainbow Rowell

This review starts with a little confession; I’ve been finding reviews of this book everywhere for the last couple of months and I promised myself that as soon as I got paid I would buy a copy, have a read, and review it for you; my lovely readers. Well, that didn’t exactly go to plan seeing as I get paid on Thursday and I have already bought, read and am now reviewing this book. (Sorry bank account!) So, (slightly guiltily) onto the main review.

So, this is a little different for me it’s probably mostly suited to the YA genre, which is a genre that I don’t normally find myself reading. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The book revolves around Cath (Cather) who has just gone to college; moving to Lincoln with her twin sister Wren from Omaha she’s not really fitting in. Cath, is into fanfiction, (if you’ve never heard of it look it up; it’s pretty popular) and instead of meeting people in the real world she would rather write stories about Baz and Simon, two characters from a popular fantasy book. Cath, writes up all manner of stories, including an unlikely romance between the two characters. However, her roommate Reagen, a turbulent and intense female, has other ideas. Pressuring Cath into spending time outside of the world she lives in online, Cath starts to experience the real world. She finds herself writing with Nick, a brooding character with a sharp tongue and a spark for fiction, and hanging out with the gentle Levi; Reagen’s best friend. Can Cath find herself whilst keeping an eye on her unstable twin sister, her emotional father, and her missing mother who keeps appearing in the picture after abandoning them all whilst staying true to her?

I can’t make my mind up about this book as it definitely has its ups and downs. The writing is extremely fluid and has a gentle style. Although this sounds like an odd comment to make some writing styles move in peaks and troughs how this manages to keep pace whilst staying beautifully the same. Cath is well written and her character stands out amongst the others. I thought that Reagen and Wren’s characters could have been expanded more to explore their relationships and their difficulties, however, the story focuses on Cath’s story so this is understandable. Additionally I thought the fanfiction aspect of the book was really well written and stood up in the book. Sometimes, you think that a book will explore something and then it falls through or only takes a minor role in the book; not here! For Cath, being Magicath (her author name) is her life; however at times I thought this overshadowed the main event; that being Cath, Wren, the lovable Levi and Reagen. By the end I found that I wanted more reality and less fanfic, but that could just be me. Levi is brilliantly written; sweet and gentle he is a brilliant first love for the calm and mild Cath, however at times I thought that he was too nice, too genuine and overall too perfect. However the book was well written and the hints to the mother/daughter problems allowed Cath’s character to grow which was nicely included. I also thought the inclusion of the fanfic between the chapters both from the actual book and the stories posted online was a brilliant addition and helped the theme to run throughout the book. Overall this is a solidly written book with a lovely premise; definitely worth a look.


2 thoughts on “Fangirl: Rainbow Rowell

  1. sharlenehsmith says:

    Rainbow Rowell books are definitely popping up everywhere. This & I think another called Attachments are getting a lot of attention. Both on my TBR. Hope to get to them soon. Sounds like Fangirl is an okay read.

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