“Hello, I’m here:” The true stories of Nottingham’s prostitutes

Today’s review is a little different and it has a place close to my heart in terms of books. At university I am the President of the society; Keele ENACTUS. Some of you may have heard of it some of you may not. For the ones that haven’t it’s a society that sets up projects in the local community to raise money; this is then put back into the projects to make them sustainable. Pretty brilliant right! Anyway, back to the review. This book was published by Nottingham’s team, to help women – stereotyped and marginalized by society for their involvement in prostitution. The book is a collection of stories and poems that describe and show the dangers and horror of working as a ‘working girl.’ Here I will review this fantastic book and try get you to buy a copy to continue the support!

 The premise is fantastic; what could be more brilliant than setting up a book that helps disadvantaged women and tells the world their story. So the premise is brilliant; that’s for sure. Secondly the stories; they are dark and honest and raw, brilliantly told and real. The writing is not perfect, the dialect is not faultless, there are slang words, and sentences that do not perfectly align as they are too short or too long. However this is not the point of the book; it is supposed to be sincere and frank. The candid way that the stories are told is what makes it so beautiful. Short and less than sweet, the stories tell the life of people that live on the streets, buying their way through prostitution to grab a score or two. It really puts into perspective a taboo that is so often ignored and swept under the carpet. The stories were at times shocking, and I didn’t always want to continue reading due to fears that they would become too extreme. However these stories need to be read! The poems are tender and sensitive, and well written. Additionally, a tiny photo of an imprinted body part accompanies each of the stories and poems.

 The only minor fault was that there were a number of grammatical errors, and a couple of slight spelling mistakes that could have been ironed out with another edit. Although the book is honest and real there are still no reason for sentences not to make perfect sense, or spacing to be incorrect. However this is a minor problem. Overall I loved this book; and I know I may be biased but the book is brilliant written, sensitive and honest. It also deserves more reads and more reviews! It’s for a brilliant cause, and even it’s only for the interest factor,  buy a copy and tell me what you think! 


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