30 Day Challenge


It’s Monday morning again..how does the week go so quickly! I do not know! Anyway I am reaching the end of this challenge and it’s going to be odd not writing this every morning, however I think I should just be proud of actually finishing it without being too difficult about the questions!

So, today, the question is, ‘the book that changed your opinion about something and I think it would have to be, ‘Eat, pray, love. By Elizabeth Gilbert.’ Before someone asks no the film did not stand up to the brilliance of the book and I will not be watching it again! However the book is a stunner and it taught me that no matter what I’m doing in my life, how stressed I am, how panicked I am about an essay or an exam, I know that that is not the only path I could take.

I know that a lot of people hated the book and I’m not sure why! I read it  a couple of bursts but overall I really enjoyed it and would recommend it highly. However it wasn’t the writing I enjoyed the most but the stance; it’s all about asking the simple question, “what do I want.” At the moment that is finishing my degree and getting a good mark but in a couple of months that could change to backpacking around Thailand with a one way ticket. This book only showed me that it is possible…oh and to worry less.


3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge

  1. Bitterballen Bruid says:

    I’m probably one of the few who liked the book AND the film… the book was better though, of course!! However I did have to skip a couple of the “pray” chapters… they got a bit much for me! Yawn!!

    Counting the days until I can go back to paradise… ahem, I mean, Thailand 😉

  2. Bitterballen Bruid says:

    Ooh, ps – I searched on your blog for The Bell Jar and I see you haven’t reviewed it yet. Don’t know if it’s your kind of thing, but it certainly made me think a lot. There are some cracking quotes in that book too!

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