30 Day Challenge


Evening! I apologise for being away for a couple of days; an essay has been taking over my life. If I’m honest everything is getting  a bit scary at the moment and I’ve been hiding away whilst trying to get on top of everything! If I’m honest it hasn’t quite worked however I am slightly closer to getting this essay done! Hopefully I can avoid spending all night in the library on Tuesday tweaking! 

So today is supposedly day 25 and the question is ‘a character you can relate to most!’ I think that this is a pretty easy answer for me if I’m honest and it’s probably due to my current predicament. Therefore it would have to be Hermione from the Harry Potter series. Boring answer maybe; however the last couple of weeks I have watched everyone leaving everything till the last minute and smiling whilst my fellow philosophy students attempt to pick up the pieces and I give comforting words whilst they frantically scramble to reference and pull everything last minute. I wish I was more like Hermione however I can definitely relate in always trying to reach my best potential! 

(on another note, Emma Watson is a star) 


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