Good Morning fellow bloggers! You have caught me a rush this morning and honestly I am desperate to go to Costa and pick up a gingerbread latte and a croissant. Despite this, blogging to you lovely people comes first so the question today is ‘A book that you wish more people would’ve read.’ This is a brilliant question! When I read books I tend to stray from the cannon of classics that everyone seems to have read or at least heard of and this leaves certain more niche book left alone. When I was younger and went to the library every week I became a little obsessed with books by Dee Williams. I was always fascinated with life in Britain during the war, and these books only helped to fuel my imagination. For years after I used to look for copies in book and jumble sales and managed to gain a few copies. I honestly do not know how popular her books are but I absolutely loved them and I wish more people had because they held my interest for so many years. A particular two favourites were Polly of Pen’s place and Hope’s and Dreams both my Dee Williams; if you have a minute, do me a favour and find a copy and see if you love them as much as I did!

Right coffee time! Ciao!

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