It would be wrong to steal my sister’s boyfriend (wouldn’t it?) Sophie Ranald

 Apologies to my suffering bloggers and the lack of reviews that have been appearing on ‘mylittlebookblog.’ It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I am sorry to say that blogging has been coming last at the moment. If I have got time at all, mostly while dinner is cooking, it is a quick post and then back to the trials and tribulations of whether Hume can standardise taste. (YES, still doing that essay!) So onto the review; I bought this book looking for something girlie. I must admit reading huge tomes of philosophy text leaves me wanting something light and airy to read in the evening but also something that still pulls me along without my brain working to hard. So here it is! My review of ‘it would be wrong to steal my sister’s boyfriend (wouldn’t it?)’

 Ellie and her sister Rose could not be more different. Rose a stunner, with a flare for fashion the gift of the gab and a celebrity social life which constantly trumps Ellie’s relaxed way of living including gossiping and eating takeout in her holey leggings with her friend, the lovable Ben. Any relationship between the two being extinguished when their ties of ‘friends with benefits’ dwindled however they stayed close. It is one of those nights that their perfectly friendly evening is ruined by the introduction of a new man, for Rose that is. Ellie is smitten from the first time she meets him. But, he belongs to Rose. Or does he? Ellie decides that there is only one way to try and woo Oliver and that is to become Rose. The transformation begins with an extensive exercise regime, a new look and even a new job to impress the elusive Oliver. However, Ellie starts to realise what she really needs in life. The concept of stealing (as the title puts it) her sister’s boyfriend could ruin the ties between her and her beloved sister forever.

 The first thing to say is that the title is incredibly long! I have no problem with a long title and it describes the plot rather perfectly but eleven words…hmm. However apart from that I loved the book and honestly couldn’t put it down. (Please make sure before you start with this one you have time to read it!) I was a little worried about whether I would warm to Ellie as I thought the plot line would leave me angry with her, however she is portrayed brilliantly with warmth, humour and the guilt that she feels from wanting her sisters new man. If any of you regularly read my blogs on reviews you will realise that character portrayal is extremely important to me when I read a book and it wasn’t disappointing. They were well formulated, with taste and care to give them real life qualities in real life issues. Additionally with chick-lits there are sometimes a lack of strands to the story and you end up wanting another sub-plot. Here they are plentiful, and towards the end the story is almost overpowered by the number of strings that are tied up. There were a few problems that I thought could have taken more time which is later in the book Rose reveals that she is not the perfect image everyone thinks and that she’s got herself in a little bit of a pickle. The way that she finds herself out of the problem is sweet but it seemed a little slapdash and a little too perfect making it a tad unbelievable. Additionally Claire (another brilliantly invented character in the book) is struggling to provide for her and her beautiful little baby, however her story is also very quickly and easily rectified. However these are tiny problems and I can’t explain how much I actually enjoyed this book. At times I was laughing out loud and having to explain myself to the people sat around me. The characters are strong, the problems real and the outcome brilliant! Go get yourselves a copy! 


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