30 Day Challenge!!


So, today is day 5 and I am in a pretty good mood, so this question is pretty good for me this morning! I’ve managed to get everything back on track; my blogging ( which I disappeared from for a little while,) my modules for my last year at university, and some work experience for the near future. So, although getting up this morning was still a struggle, and I am without coffee this morning, I am a happy bunny. Wow, how far off topic was that! So anyway onto the real reason for this post! The 30 day challenge!

So, a book that makes me happy? 

I’m going to go a little bit childish and go back to a book that reminds me of childhood when I was carefree and extremely happy, so the book I am going to go for is- James and the Giant Peach! I can’t remember if this book was read to me as a child or I read it myself but I was always a giant fan of Roald Dahl (pardon the pun). When I was younger my parents took me to the Roald Dahl museum and I ran around for what seemed like hours pressing buttons, and making things light up and make noises. So, this book brings back extremely happy memories. 


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