Love Over Matter: Maggie Bloom

Sixteen-year-old Cassie McCoy would do anything to contact George, her best friend and secret crush, beyond the grave, including dabbling in dark magic. But her “powers” are stuck in neutral. Everyone is on her case to move on with her life. And there’s a lot she never knew about George, or so says a mysterious, familiar-looking stranger who may not only be the key to George’s hidden past but, if the storm clouds align just right, the means of delivering Cassie’s bittersweet goodbye.
Since I have had the pleasure of owning my beautiful Kindle, I have been looking out for free books. Being a student, money is still short so when I spotted this book I was initially pretty excited. So I happily sat down to read, Love over matter.  
When I began reading the book, I was thoroughly confused. During the very first page I was thrown huge amounts of information and different characters. The story was wallowing in narrative and even now after finishing the book and re-reading the first chapter I am still confused by the first chapter which is a significant problem with the book as a whole.
I struggled through the continuing chapters so much I almost stopped reading, but was drawn on by the promise of supernatural power. Unfortunately as the middle of the book beconed the plot shifted in the complete opposite direction. Cassie, instead of trying to contact her dead friend George, starts to investigate a mission in connection with George’s death. Although this part of the story was better structured and excited me more as a reader my view of the book soon changed again and I was bombarded with another story including two russian spies. By the time the book ended I thought I had read three different short stories all rolled into one! Unfortunately the three different parts, although connected by the author didnt fit properly together like a jigsaw and it didn’t flow succintly enough. 
Every so often I read a book that I enjoy but want so so much more from, unfortunately this is how I felt about love over matter. It lacked drive and conviction and the supernatural part of the story was pretty much non-existant. I wanted so much more from this book and it was ready to deliver for example the characters although undeveloped had potential. Unfortunately as a whole Love over Matter lacked substance but was filled up with the main story changing in rapid sucession. If Bloom had stuck to one main story and put all the conviction into that path then I feel that this book as a whole would have flowed and worked better. However I still enjoyed the story an the ending, I only wish there had been better structure and substance to fully grab my attention.   

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