Voyage to the end of the Room: Tibor Fischer

Recently, I bought a stack of books at a school fete, and as I’ve had more time I’ve been working my way through them slowly! Unfortunately though, I stumbled through what I call an “odd” book! A book that you pick up and start, then decide potentially it’s a little different to what you thought, but you stick on through. However, when I finally finished the book instead of the usual euphoria I feel when finishing a book, I felt confused and sullen much like a grumpy teen. But, saying all this I’ll get to the good part…the actual review!

The story revolves primarily around Oceane and she’s a bit…different. A one-hit computer graphics designer and former strip club/erotic dancer who also likes to travel but not leave the house. Oceane instead never leaves the house, she instead brings the world to her using cameras, satellites, the Internet and passing foreigners. This was perfect, until Oceane starts getting letters from her ex…an ex that died ten years ago.

So, (if you’re still following,) Oceane, hires Audley, a failed mercenary and proprietor of a debt collecting agency, with a serious but sarcastic demeanour. As the two characters continue to learn and interact with each other Oceane as a character begins to grow and learn from her seedy past and change for the future, whilst discovering the meaning behind the messages.

I never lie on my book reviews and I won’t start now, I found this book hard to swallow and connect to. Although the book had a quick pace and the characters had a sense of depth I needed more as a reader to help me fall for the story as a whole. I also found Oceane a difficult character to connect to. With her mannerisms and her inability to connect to other people emotionally, her character at times left me a little cold. Finally, some of the back stories for me were unbelievable and sometimes unpalatable. The language and the stories of the characters were confusing and lacked, at times, any emotion which at times not only shocked me but also appalled me. Additionally the book ended on a cliff-hanger however instead of making me want to cling to the end of story with my every fibre I instead felt let down and confused. Although I enjoyed the growing and the connection between the characters I didn’t get the final understanding I was looking for. However, if you’re looking for something different that will test your imagination then pick this book up and see if it’s more for you than it was for me!

5 thoughts on “Voyage to the end of the Room: Tibor Fischer

  1. Spike says:

    I agree with Rosie Amber, you find out a lot more in books and it makes you appreciate the ones that you like when you read one you don’t like. 🙂

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