An Inspector Calls: J.B. Priestly

Recently I was helping my not-so-little sister with her schoolwork and we were discussing and looking at the book ‘An Inspector Calls,’ and I remembered how greatly I had been interested in the book when I studied it. So here it is my review of the book ‘An Inspector Calls!’

 The narrative winds around a mysterious Inspector who puzzlingly appears without explanation at the home of a respectable British family. We learn that he has turned up to question the family about the recent suicide of a girl and he believes that some of the family members know why she did it. As the story unwinds we learn that each of the family members have had an influence upon the poor girl in different ways and at different times. As the book continues the narrative is so brilliantly written that it causes not only the characters to reflect but also the reader, to see that even small interactions with other people can overall cause huge repercussions!

 This book is brilliantly written and so tightly bound that you cannot help but be drawn along by the widening plot! The story is strong, however it is also simple and strong which adds to its brilliance!  Additionally there is twist along that way that continues to haunt the audience after the last page has been turned. The Inspector is the main brilliance in the book, as we never really get to know who he is, where he comes from, or his personality, and there are many arguments that he doesn’t exist at all- but you’ll have to make your own mind up about that! There are a few problems with the book for me, for example even though the writing is simple for me it lacked description and elegant depiction which let the book down for me as a reader as I found it difficult to become as involved in the book.

 Overall I really enjoyed this book, although it is not as elaborate as other books, it is definitely worth a read. The plot is still strong without the strong description and the characters have their own sound characteristics that help to pull the narrative along. The thought provoking twists are definitely what makes the story and makes it as powerful as it is and it will leave you with many thoughts at the back of your mind! If the book doesn’t pull you definitely look into the play, which is also a roaring success! Image

4 thoughts on “An Inspector Calls: J.B. Priestly

  1. mariavigornia says:

    If you like Priestley, you might like Lost Empires about a young painter who works as part of a “magic’ act on the old Music Hall circuit in 1913. Both the book and the DVD of the TV adaptation starring a young Colin Firth are apparently still available. It’s one of those books that I reread about every eighteen months or so.

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