Liebster Award!

I was recently awarded the Liebster award by the brilliant Steve at (definitely check it out! (: )Although I have already nominated my blogs for the Liebster award I decided to answer the questions to accept the award so here are my answers to the questions!

1: What’s your favourite colour, and why?

My favourite colour is blue: Duck egg, royal, navy, and especially turquoise and this is because blue reminds of freedom and escaping. It reminds me of deep clear seas, and glorious summers. It is also an extremely calming colour, which only adds to its beauty.

2: Who has your favourite storyteller’s voice?

It would have to be Morgan Freeman! I could listen to him for hours and I recon he could do all the voices, just right!

3: Who’s your favourite children’s book illustrator?

Quentin Blake; Not only did he illustrate the images for probably my favourite children’s book author Roald Dahl, but his images are stunning and brilliant especially ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.’

4: Do you have a favourite kind of non-fiction book?

I honestly do not read a lot of non- fiction. It has unfortunately never grabbed me as much as the beauty of fiction, however I do have a favourite topic and that is The Titanic. I have a number of books detailing all kinds of exciting and beautiful details about the seemingly unsinkable ship.

5: What was your favourite book you received as a gift?

I cannot think specifically of my favourite book I ever received as a gift as every book I have received is special, however my favourite recently received book is ‘This Boy,’ by Alan Johnson sent my amazing mum, as a well done for doing so well with my new book! It even had enclosed on a note, ‘For my little blogger,’ which made it even more special!

6: Black & White or Colour photographs?

I love both colour and B&W, Colour can be so contrasting with vivid leafy greens and distinctive exotic blues, oranges and yellows, but also calming, with stunning shimmering peaches and balmy shades of gold. However, for me, perfection is the simple B&W.

7: What’s your favourite movie, and why?

What an impossible question!! I would have to say… Titanic. From a very young age it captured my imagination and really interested me in the subject, and this interest has stayed with me since!

8: Who are your favourite movie acting partnership (any genre)?

There are way to many to choose from!

9: What’s your favourite plant?

My favourite plant would have to be the stunning wisteria; it used to grow in bunches in our garden on top of a beautiful corner seat. The bulging flowers would creep and grow overcoming

10: Do you believe books should be compulsory reading just because critics have labelled them ‘classics’?

No I think that up and coming books can be the most rewarding and can teach us so much! Although classics are brilliant I think that there should be a mixture to allow for a new future for books and learning!

11: Can a book be so morally bankrupt that it should never be published?

Such a difficult question, I think it totally depends on the book… however I think that controversy is sometimes the best seller.


One thought on “Liebster Award!

  1. Steve says:

    What great answers! I’ve read numerous ‘interviews’, and conducted several, but I sometimes think that totally casual questions can often reveal more than subject-specific ones 😉 Even when a question effectively goes unanswered, as in ‘just too many’ responses, there’s much to be learnt about the respondent 🙂

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