Ten facts about my love of books!


So I read an article a little while ago about book habits so I thought I would list my own! Sooooo here they are, 10 facts about my books and me!

1)       Firstly, I cannot start a book without finishing the first! Now I know that some people like to have two or more books on the go at one time however I am a one book at a time girl! I get so involved in the plot and the characters that I don’t  like to distract myself from each book and give it all my attention!

2)       I love to read in the bath! It is probably one of my favourite places to read other than snuggled up in a duvet in the evening. Additionally, yes I do sometimes drop the books in accidentally!

3)       I do not use bookmarks! I am such a forgetful person that I always lose them therefore have given up on using them! However I never turn over the corners of the books (promise!)

4)       I have NEVER EVER looked further into the book to find out the last twist or read the last page of the book! I did it once accidentally and was so annoyed at myself! For me that is a total no and no one will ever convince me that it is okay to do so!

5)       This may seem like a silly one but in the article I read the person said that they would only read one book by an author because there are too many books and too little time! I however would completely disagree; although I do not limit myself to one author I will almost always buy a second books from the author if I like their book to really get a feel of their writing style.

6)       I like to keep all my books and am not particularly fond of lending them or giving them away! One day I want to have a library so that’s the thought behind it!

7)        My favourite book quote is Louis de Bernières, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, it is beautiful

8)       I have more than once contemplated a book tattoo, (but have not been convinced to have one yet!)

9)       I love to re-read books! I know that some people read a book and then place it back on the shelf to never be picked up again however I am not like that! If I love a book I am guilty of reading it over and over, however, if I have a new book that almost ALWAYS takes precedence

10) My love of books has been with me almost all my life, as a child I used to hide in the library and moan and grumble if we had to leave! My mum still sends me books now whilst I’m at university!

35 thoughts on “Ten facts about my love of books!

  1. andrewqgordon says:

    My goodness you’re like a goddess or something – always finish a book, never look ahead – :-O If your list were a test, I’d so fail. But it was fun to read your thoughts. You should compile a list from some of the fans who are doing their own. Be interesting to see some of theirs.


  2. Katie Cross says:

    What a fantastic idea! It’s fun to see how different readers are. I am definitely not a bath reader, I love having several books going, and I used pictures as bookmarks, and sometimes there’s like 50 pictures.

    Fun article! I love your blog.

    • littlebookblog says:

      Haha thank you! I did pinch it off another blogger but for the life of me cannot remember where 😦 we are completely different readers! It’s brilliant to see how people are different! (: xx

  3. Gemma says:

    I would love to read in the bath, but golly would I be terrified that I’d ruin the book 😛 I love reading with a passion, but I am also particularly pedantic about what condition they are in so I am also someone who is very hesitant to led ANYONE my books, as they will be one bent corner away from a Gemma freak out 😛

    • littlebookblog says:

      I must admit a number of my books have been ruined in the bath :/ haha some of my books I keep in pristine condition but others I own are extremely dog-eared through so much use! 🙂 Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      • Gemma says:

        /gasps RIP Books 😛 Haha yeah sometimes the dog-eared books just can’t be helped! I wasn’t so strict on how I looked after my books when I was younger, so my Harry Potter books are yellowed and crumbling and looking at them today kills me inside 😛 No worries lovely, thankyou for stopping by my blog too! ^_^

  4. Smitha says:

    You had me nodding away at almost all the points:) Most of them are true for me too. I love re-reading too, but as you say, if there is a new book, I have to read it first:)

  5. theaccidentalbuddhist says:

    Finally, someone else who loved Captain Corelli’s Mandolin! I thought it was an incredibly beautiful book. I like your top 10 list, although I tend to be the opposite on most. I’m definitely guilty of reading two books at a time and skipping to the end.

  6. Winterville First Baptist Church Media Center says:

    Thank you for not turning over the corners of the book! 🙂
    I too like to read only one at a time. And if I find an author I like, I love to read more by them. But I’ll never live long enough to read all the books I want to read. So, I’m trying to make myself slow down and just enjoy each one, instead of hurrying through because I have another book to read.

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