The last letter from your lover: Jojo Moyes

I adore a good love story, and this does not disappoint in any way. However it is not a stereotypical rollarcoaster leading to the happy couple riding into the sunset, instead it is an epic love story that spans decades. It is not only heart-warming, but also terribly heart breaking and it takes the reader on a gruelling but beautifully strong and tense love story.

 It is 1960, and Jennifer Stirling has been in a painful car accident, however it has rendered her memory useless and she cannot remember the accident itself, or her life before it. This is the main focus for the first half of the book that centres on Jennifer’s life prior to the accident and a few years after. The story also explains the exquisite character of Jennifer and the fact that she is hiding a secret; she is involved in an affair. Now, some may argue that they find it difficult to feel compassion for Jennifer, based on her relationship being built around an affair, however the love story is so solid and fervent that you cannot help but become wholly consumed in the relationship.

 Halfway through the book we are introduced to the sprightly journalist Ellie, a vivid and intense character. She has found the love letters between Jennifer and her lover and wants to know how the story ends between the two characters. Ellie offers another aspect to the developing story, and through her story we learn of her own developing love story whilst also discovering more about Jennifer in 1960. Moyes is brilliant at building up the tension and intensity, and the book has such a brilliantly written plot that you cannot help but be plunged right into the story. Just when you reach a point where you believe the secrets will be released we are pushed into another aspect of the story. The characters are splendid, the love story is incredible and the writing is vivid and shattering.

 , During this book I flew through the pages, gambling with my feelings, and trying to second guess the secrets, wishing I could jump right into the book and piece the letters together myself. There are so many twists and turns and along the way there are honestly a number of jaw dropping moments. If you need a book to read please get a copy of this and sit down and revel in its beauty just like I did. Image

2 thoughts on “The last letter from your lover: Jojo Moyes

  1. Katie Cross says:

    I love finding new book blogs! Yours is lovely, and I’m excited to follow the books you’re going to review. I’m putting this on my must read list now!

    • littlebookblog says:

      Hi! Really glad you like my blog! Means a lot that people enjoy reading my reviews! This is definitely a book that needs to be read it made my heart drop and I was really emotional throughout! Definitely worth a read! (: x

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