my first (very) short story

When I was younger I used to write a lot of short stories and read them to people that I knew. In recent years I haven’t had any time to allow myself to continue writing. I must admit I am a little rusty so here is my first attempt at a very short story that came to my mind yesterday. Feedback would be brilliant! 


Greg woke with a shock; Startled from his sleep, he regrettably left the warmth of his duvet and with his vision impaired he stumbled over to the bedside table and retrieved his glasses. Slipping them over his nose he lurched forward, falling over a wayside mug of cold coffee from the night before.

“Shit,” he growled, as he begrudgingly picked up the mug and the handle that had fallen from its side. He gingerly picked his way down the stairs, past the piles of books and swiped aside the bills stamped with the red letters WARNING!  As he swept down the stairs he touched his favourite photograph on the stairway. A photograph of his wedding day to his beautiful wife Alicia, with her blunt fringe, her large green eyes that she used to blink when she was nervous, and her dry, sarcastic sense of humour, she had become everything to him. But that was a long time ago, now were the arguments and yelling. The frustrated pacing and arguments about the house, the mess, and the bills was rising up and drowning their relationship, like a broken ship, without an anchor.

As he swung into the kitchen and placed the mug down on the sideboard, he looked up. The most peculiar vision met his eyes; a large pterodactyl was perched on the draining board, clawing at the silver, putting large marks into the tinged metal. Suddenly the monsters eyes flew to him and cocked her head the same way that Alicia always used to. Still in a moment of shock Greg wiped his glasses and pushed them back up his nose. The same view greeted his eyes. But now the beast was getting increasingly angrier, she beat her wings and swung at him, directing her large claws into the middle of his back. As he yelled out in pain the beast stopped for a second and blinked her huge eyes at him, and fidgeted nervously. The resemblance and movements were shockingly similar to Alicia’s. He slowly moved towards to beast and running his hand through his long fringe, offered a hand to the beast. The now silent creature bowed her head and turned to face the window outside. As he looked out to where the creature was staring he noticed that his glasses had been bent in the attack, changing his perspective of the world. He took them off slowly, not taking his eyes off the creature and slowly reshaped them. With his vision blurred he carefully placed them back on his nose. The beast had disappeared and his beautiful wife was sat, staring into the morning sun. She turned and cocked her head and giggled

Greg wiped his eyes, knowing that his sleepy stupor had finally worn off. ‘Right, lets get this sorted,’ he said with a hazy smile.

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