On Mystic Lake: Kristen Hannah

I think it will always be impossible for me to say I have a favourite book. It seems silly but I have never been able to stick to even a favourite genre let alone author or actual book, and I think this is true of a lot of readers! However this one comes really, really, close and is probably top ten (others including being the Chocolate Run and The Book Thief) So here it is my short and sweet book review of ‘On Mystic Lake.’

For nearly 20 year Annie Colwater has defined herself by her roles as a wife and mother. After her 17-year old daughter flies the nest for a holiday in California, Annie’s successful husband confessed he is in love with someone else and wants a divorce. Shattered, Annie runs to her childhood home in Mystic WA. However Annie arrives to the shocking news that her best friend Kathy has committed suicide leaving behind her beautiful child Izzy and a devastated husband. When they were growing up, Annie, Kathy and Nick Dalacroix were inseparable, the gruesome threesome. However their friendship ties broke down when Annie left to find her life in the big city. Kathy’s death has caused devastation in her family with Nick turning to liquor and his darling daughter, who starts to believe she is disappearing. Can the delightful but determined Annie turn their three lives around and in turn find herself, on mystic lake.

The writing of this book is stunningly beautiful and throughout I was deeply moved. Annie becomes a nanny for Nick’s beautiful daughter Izzy and begins to sooth the heart of the little girl. The plot-line of Nick’s child nicknamed ‘Izzy-bear’ who cannot talk as she believes she is turning into a ghost to join her deeply missed mummy is haunting and shatteringly beautiful. Annie teaches Nick to stop the alcohol and the shakes and become the father that his crushed daughter really needs. Through this Annie and Nick’s feelings begin to grow and their turns into an enchanting and captivating love story. However, once again Annie’s life is shattered and she must make the difficult decision to stay or to leave, a decision that no woman should ever have to make!

The descriptions throughout the book are stunningly beautiful and transport us as a reader to the leafy, woodland town. As I agree that the plot, for some will be potentially predictable however I was pulled along by the stunning description and all-consuming plotline; definitely worth a look!


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