8 thoughts on “Reading

      • littlebookblog says:

        Yes I do, I prefer the Tudor period though! But I love all historical fiction! What do you like reading? x

      • gailchengster says:

        I like reading mostly British literature. Like the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens. My favourites are Wuthering Heights, Persuasion and A Tale of Two Cities. Well I like historical fiction of other contexts as well… But now I’m starting to expose myself to different text types. I like text types similar to Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother…

      • gailchengster says:

        Well what I don’t really like are those teen fiction stuff as I find that nowadays the plots are quite superficial and there’s not much excitement… I want to find those kind of books that are similar to the genres of Tim Burton films though. Would you care to recommend me some? 😊

      • gailchengster says:

        WOW. The Tudor period is like somewhat similar to the reformation period! Cool! ((:

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