Getting Rid of Matthew: Jane Fallon

Helen had always imagined that by the time she finally turned forty she would have her life sorted: A beautiful apartment in London, a job in PR, and a man to share her life with. Therefore Helen has spent her life travelling the world, and drinking with her best friend Rachel. However Helen, now at 39 is waking up to the horrible realisation that she is a lowly personal assistant at a second rate PR firm, and her boss and lover, with which she has wasted the last four years on, is a married man who will never leave his wife and children to spend his life with her. No matter how hard Helen tries, Matthew refuses point blank to leave his marriage. However when he suddenly turns up at her flat telling him that he has left his wife, she realises that having Matthew is not the dream she once thought it was. Now that Helen finally has Matthew in her grasp she realises that having him in her flat, everyday, crowding her space and making it impossible to just do her own thing, wasn’t quite what she was looking for. This causes Helen’s love for Matthew suddenly to diminish, but when Helen tries to break up with Matthew, he’s rather difficult to get rid of.

The problem for Helen is that getting rid of Matthew is not going to be as easy as telling him that its all over. When the problem of Matthew starts to get out of hand, Helen befriends Sophie, Matthew’s wife that he originally cheated on, with Helen. Helen, pretending to be named Eleanor, encourages Sophie to take Matthew back. However the mess of the situation becomes tenser as Helen, suddenly starts to fall for Matthew’s adult son who she meets through befriending Sophie. As the plot thickens Helen realises that she really likes Sophie as a friend; does she really want her to take Matthew back knowing the lying cheat he really is?

I loved this book immediately! I loved the sarcastic, witty, but slightly depressing Helen. Fallon is brilliant at writing with an ironic sense of humour, and it helps to develop the narrative into a smooth and hilarious story.  I think what is additionally brilliant is that Helen does not believe that she is innocent. She knows that the affair is wrong but is so caught up in her love for Matthew that she is unable to stop herself from continuing the affair.  I also loved the contrast between Sophie and Helen, however as Helen wakes up to realise what Matthew is really like, the two women’s personalities are synched which I really liked. Fallon also does a brilliant job of balancing sympathy for Helen and showing that she really did deserve Matthew and his problems, which suddenly came crashing down upon her. I loved this book and became really part of the story. I loved seeing Helen and Sophie’s relationship grow and was saddened when it all came to an end. I would definitely recommend this to any reader, I really enjoyed it and it’s a twist on the common romantic tale.


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