Straight Talking: Jane Green



So, it’s a day for the chick-lit. I deeply apologise but after four weeks of hardcore studying and essay writing I could not face a deeply complicated plot, or intricate storyline  Therefore big apologies but it is another chick-lit; I promise tomorrow no more chick-lits for a while!  I am always reviewing new books, the most recent, the latest and most current and fresh. However I am always looking to the back of my bookshelf and looking for the hidden gems that I have forgotten about and giving them a new lease of life. My review today is therefore a forgotten gem, one from the back of the shelf that really deserves to be put in the forefront.

The main character is Tasha, a woman in her thirties, still single and searching for love. A successful producer for Britain’s most popular early morning breakfast show working under a nightmarish boss, Tasha hasn’t quite had the time to find her Prince Charming. However Tasha is not new to the dating game and neither are her friends. Meet the gang; Andy, a tomboy and lover of passion who can’t quite escape the ‘mate’ label of the men that she tries to date. Secondly Emma, who is hopelessly waiting for her long-term partner to finally commit and propose, and finally Mel, the most desperate of the group. Stuck in an unloving and hurtful relationship Mel is unable to stay but unable to leave her loveless relationship and is constantly waiting for the spark to re-appear. Tasha also has a problem with men, and there are three. Andrew, Adam and Simon. Throughout the book Tasha bounces between these three men each a different cocktail of pleasures and problems with Tasha having to make decision between the three to decide who could finally be her Prince Charming.

I will be honest like many romantic, ‘chick-lit’ books ‘Straight Talking,’ has the fairly stereotypical four friends, each with different personalities having interwoven contrasting stories each with a problem, men/job/ family etc. However the tone of the book is brilliant! Funny, hilarious and sarcastic the book is written in first person, which places the reader right in the action.  Additionally it makes the novel a lot more personal and creates a bigger connection between reader, writer and character. Many of the jokes and quips about the single life are spot on and there are a number of really laugh out loud moments.

I really enjoyed this. Although the characters were not as explored or developed as deeply as I would have liked and therefore lacked a certain amount of depth and the plot at sometimes was very similar to the stereotypical chick-lit I still really enjoyed it! If I’m honest its probably a holiday read with a suntan, beach towel and a cocktail of sex on the beach! It’s a easy, cheeky, girly read and although it probably won’t set your socks on fire it will definitely be a pleasurable page turner!

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