Grimm’s Peak: Sean Quirk

The way I came across this book, was slightly different to other books I have decided to review as it was through the social media giant Twitter. After a number of ‘twitterings’ on twitter, the author Sean Quirk, sent me his manuscript and I happily sat down to read.

I was immediately dragged in to the narrative; the first paragraph was powerful and consuming. A mixture of supernatural and action meant I couldn’t help but read on. The story follows Augie, the main character who is found in the ocean as a baby, brought to the land and lives as a normal human. However one afternoon he is attacked at beach by a number of indescribable monsters brought to the surface by a young girl, Mira. From there the adventure begins to stop the ‘wolves’ from taking over the land. Augie must go back down into ocean where he was found in which to stop the ‘wolves’ and to find out where he really came from.

The story has a fantastical feel with creatures such as ‘hippocamps’ and ‘wimballs’ as Augie discovers the underwater world that he was pulled from. As I read I was pulled along by the current of the under water world, the descriptions of the house, the elaborate sea creatures, the colours and secrets of the sea, for example the medallion worn around Augie’s neck a mystery that continues throughout the narrative! We meet a number of characters along the way, Hiram the guardian of the underwater city, Fink a bothersome character snapping at Augie’s heels and the ‘mers,’ a different race that are wary as they believe the ocean was stolen from them! The characters are fresh and entertaining while the novel is a twisting and turning adventure through the sea, we are pulled along by the current of mystery, fantasy and excitement. I loved the bounding journey of this story and beautiful description of the ocean especially the mer people.

Additionally Sean Quirk has really harnessed the genre of the book, which is really impressive. Unlike some fantastical books the world is created in a way that it is not magical but is instead innovative and so creatively designed that we can imagine it “could” exist at the bottom of the see. There are many similarities for example the sea taxis and the horse like hippocamps. This just adds to the beauty of the novel as a whole.

In this fantasy, we as readers are pulled into what life would be like at the bottom of the sea. The fantasy is extremely imaginative and entertaining throughout with fantastical creatures and wild beasts that could be lingering at the bottom of the ocean. The fantasy is a brilliant read and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in line to hit the big screens! The story is a fantasy read and although I am not a massive fan of this fiction genre I loved this rollarcoaster trip to the bottom of the ocean.


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