I love Tzatziki. With eggs, with vegetables for dipping, slopped onto soup. I find it’s a great way of creating flavour contrasts. I wanted to make a Tzatziki chicken recipe that was healthy(ish,) and could be eaten for breakfast/brunch. Or just as easily stacked in lunch boxes for a satisfying… View Post

Sport. It’s a minefield isn’t it? I love watching sport. Well, some sports. Tennis, the Olympics, especially curling. I regularly attend the gym and at times run. (when my knees aren’t being a bugger.) But I haven’t played a sport since I left high-school. I was never top of the… View Post

Another recipe post today. Starring Salmon Pâté (and Quark) Now before you ask Quark is a type of fresh dairy product made by warming soured milk. Yes it sounds a little gross, but mixed in with something else, it’s a brilliant low fat alternative for cheese. Perfect for making into dips and… View Post